How to do a 360 Surface Spin while Wakesurfing

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Setting up to Spin

One of the greatest things about wakesurfing is that there is really no ego involved. You could have a long illustrious wakesurfing career without ever learning one trick. But, if that's not your style and you're ready to kick your wakesurfing up a notch, then a great place to start is the surface 360.

There are a number of methods out there for learning how to spin on a wakesurf board, and you will most likely come up with a method that works best for you. But using these loose guidelines you will soon find yourself to be quite the spinner at every chance you get.

To begin, start by riding low on the wave, and keep yourself in the middle of your riding pocket. You want to make sure you have enough room to complete the spin and ride away smoothly. Keeping your weight centered closer to the front of the board get ready to start the spin.

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Dig in and Spin

Once you feel happy with your sweet spot, it's time to spin. Bear in mind that this trick is one fluid motion so give it all you've got. If you approach it halfhearted, you will only get half the spin. Therefore it's vital to get the motion down pat.

To begin the spin, start by sweeping forward and digging your hand closest to the wave into the water. Make sure you stay low to keep your center of gravity tight. Give yourself a push with your hand and start turning the nose of the board toward the wave.

As you start turning you will feel the fins break loose. If the fins don't break loose, then give it a little bit more force. Resist the urge to stand straight tall as you start spinning, this will create drag and you will fall out of the pocket of the wave.

Stay the course and continue the spin. To keep the spin aligned, think of your back leg as the anchor that you are spinning around. The better you can keep your back leg in the same position the better your spin will be.

Once you have rotated about 180 degrees you will start spotting your sweet spot again. Keep the nose of the board from being submerged. As you make your final 180-degree rotation, work to resist the natural spin that you have started and let the fins start tracking again.

After the fins have locked in, you may have to lean forward to stay in the sweet spot of the wave and keep moving. Keep your weight shifted forward and keep riding -- you have just completed your first surface 360.

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Troubleshooting your Spin

The wakesurfing 360 is one of the most elusive tricks on the planet. The rotation itself is rarely the problem, but rather keeping momentum and balance seems to be the most tricky. Therefore, if you have tried and tried to pull off 360's to no avail, then put these quick tips to work for your specific scenario.

I Keep Sinking the Nose!

This is one of the most common and frustrating problems when it comes to doing a surface spin. To rectify this problem try moving your front foot back ever so slightly by a couple inches. Then make sure you keep you keep your head centered over your feet. It is often a case where you naturally lean forward when starting the spin. Keeping your head directly over your feet will prevent this in the future.

I Keep Losing My Momentum!

This problem is usually caused be leaning too far back or not finding your sweet spot quick enough. To remedy this make sure you keep your weight shifted forward, it may even be helpful to rest your hand on your front leg in order to keep your weight balanced in that direction. If you are losing your momentum immediately following the spin, then you may be losing time when getting your fins set. To correct this, try setting your hand down in the water to stabilize the board, and you can even paddle a little to keep your momentum going.

I keep Spinning Off of the Wave!

This is generally a pretty easy problem to correct, and it occurs by swinging your rotation to wide. To prevent this, try keeping your arm in the water for the first 180 degrees of your spin. This will ensure that the board doesn't get too far away from you during the spin. Once again, it helps to imagine that the board is rotating completely around your back leg. This restricts the motion and allows the fins to start tracking more quickly. For even more help, it may be necessary to learn how to do a floater. This will give you better board control so you can get back into the pocket more quickly.

If you have tried everything but are still having trouble mastering your wakesurf tricks, then feel free to email me and I'd be happy to offer some assistance.

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