How to Turn Dollar-Store Items Into Fabulous Disney Souvenirs

Looking for an inexpensive but awesome souvenir from your Disney vacation? While an autograph book filled with the signatures of your favorite characters makes a swell keepsake, some Disney fans take DIY souvenirs to a whole new level with a variety of autographed items. 

Autograph collecting is particularly easy on a Disney cruise. On the first day of your cruise, you may bring up to two items per stateroom to the Guest Service Desk in a gallon-size Ziploc bag, along with permanent markers. You'll fill out a quick form with your name, stateroom number and any special instructions. Your autographed souvenirs will be ready the day before your cruise ends.

Here are some of the many awesome Disney autographed souvenirs spotted on Pinterest. 

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    Want extra special Disney coffee mugs, like the ones spotted on Family Travels on a Budget? Bring porcelain markers and bake your autographed mugs in the oven when you get home. 

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    As spotted on the Family of Love blog, a pillowcase autographed by favorite characters makes an adorable keepsake. You can start with a plain white case or, as the blogger did, spring for a fancier, customized case on Etsy. 

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    Souvenir plate

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    A member of the DIS Boards online forum shows how some permanent markers can turn a $13 souvenir dinner plate into a prized memento.

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    Picture mats

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    These plain photo frame mats were transformed into cute autographed souvenirs on a Disney cruise, explains Kids on a Plane

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    A plain white tee and a few Sharpies makes for an awesome personalized souvenir from your trip, says Mama Cheaps.

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    Quilt fabric squares

    Disney Character Autograph Quilt
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    From the Suitably Stamped blog, here's a creative idea for quilters: Have Disney characters sign fabric squares, which you can turn into an heirloom handmade quilt.

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