Must-See Makeover: Disney's Polynesian Villas & Bungalows

Disney World Polynesian Bungalow Exterior

Walt Disney Parks 

One of the three iconic resorts located on Disney World's monorail, the Polynesian Village Resort, received a beautiful makeover. The South Seas theme is all about lush landscaping, waterfalls and a white sandy beach, set just across the serene Seven Seas Lagoon from Magic Kingdom.

The renovation includes the new Disney's Polynesian Villas & Bungalows, featuring an assortment of guest rooms including connecting deluxe studios that sleep up to five and bungalows that sleep up to eight. One of the best pools at Disney World Resorts, the resort's famous Lava Pool with its dramatic volcano centerpiece, has also been revamped.

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South Seas Vibe

Polynesian Village Lounge
Walt Disney Parks

The South Seas theme comes through in tropical decor, lush landscaping, waterfalls and a white sandy beach, set just across the serene Seven Seas Lagoon from Magic Kingdom.

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Bora Bora Bungalows Sleep 8

Polynesian Bungalow Living
Walt Disney Parks

The revamped Polynesian Village Resort now features 20 Bora Bora bungalows that stand over water on poles in Seven Seas Lagoon. Each two-bedroom, two-bathroom bungalow can accommodate a family of up to eight. Decor is luxurious with a South Seas flair, featuring details such as exposed wood ceiling beams, distressed hardwood flooring, and pops of color. 

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Open, Airy Living Space

Bungalow interior
Walt Disney Parks

Each bungalow also features a laundry room, full kitchen and large glass doors throughout that take you to private deck space, complete with remarkable views of the Seven Seas Lagoon. Finally, each bungalow has its own private plunge pool with a view of the fireworks over the Magic Kingdom.

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Luxurious Master Bathroom

Bungalow Master Bath
Walt Disney Parks

One of two bathrooms, the master bath features a shower and separate tub, spacious vanity and an in-mirror television.

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Flexible Sleeping Options

Bungalow 2nd Bedroom
Walt Disney Parks

Families will love the flexibility of sleeping options. Along with a plush master bedroom and second surfer-style bedroom (pictured), there is a sofabed and two hidden pull-down beds–one in the living room and another in one of the bedrooms.

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The Lava Pool Gets a Makeover

Disney World Lava Pool
Walt Disney Parks

Also part of the makeover at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort, the famous Lava Pool features a waterslide, children's play area, hot tub, and fantastic views of Magic Kingdom fireworks at night.

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Deluxe Studios Sleep 5

Disney World Polynesian Villas Studio
Walt Disney Parks

At Disney's Polynesian Villages & Bungalows, the 360 deluxe studios are the largest studios at the Walt Disney World Resort. These studios can comfortably accommodate a family of five, thanks to a pullout couch and a hidden pull-down bed.

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Nifty Pull-down Bed

Disney World Polynesian Village Pulldown Bed
Walt Disney Parks

In each deluxe studio, a hidden pull-down bed is tucked away beneath the television. In addition, each studio features a pullout couch.

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Plenty of Storage

Disney World Polynesian Village Guestroom Details
Walt Disney Parks

Guest rooms at Disney's Polynesian Village are designed to be flexible, allowing for lounging during the day in the room and on a private balcony or patio. Something for families to love: oodles of storage space, from large closets to additional clever storage inside coffee tables and under-bed drawers.

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Split Bath Design

Disney World Polynesian Split Bathroom
Walt Disney Parks

At Disney’s Polynesian Villas & Bungalows, the deluxe studios offer a split bathroom separated into two areas, each offering a sink and a shower (one with a walk-in shower, and the other with a tub/shower combo).

If you've sailed on a Disney Cruise or stayed at the Villas at Disney's Grand Floridian, you know how convenient split bathrooms can be, allowing multiple members of your party to get ready at one time.

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Mini Kitchenette

Disney World Polynesian Kitchenette
Walt Disney Parks

At Disney's Polynesian Village, the deluxe studios feature mini kitchenettes with a sink, microwave, toaster and coffee maker.

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