The Weather and Climate at Disneyland

Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland Anaheim
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The best Disneyland weather is usually during spring or fall. This guide is designed to help you know what the weather might be six months from now—or whenever you're planning your Disneyland vacation. It summarizes average temperature and rainfall.

A Few Things You May Not Know About Disneyland's Weather

You already know that averages aren't a perfect predictor of the best weather in a given year, but they can give you an idea. The graphs show typical Disneyland conditions at a glance.

Average rainfall is a particularly deceptive idea in California. A whole month's rainfall often comes in just a day or two, and it depends on Pacific Ocean activity, which varies—a lot. When the ocean currents are warm, it can rain substantially. In other years, you'll hardly see a drop of rain all winter.

Have you heard of June Gloom? If you live in California, you probably know that summer is when the ocean's marine layer gets sucked ashore by rising hotter air. It sometimes keeps the coast cloudy and cool all day. It affects Disneyland on summer mornings but seldom lingers that far inland for an entire day.

Disneyland is hot in summer. In fact, we don't recommend traveling there from June through August. Whatever the predicted high, Disneyland will feel 5 to 10 degrees F warmer.

Some locals claim there's a phenomenon called "earthquake weather," which they say is hot and dry. This myth goes all the way back to ancient Greece. The truth is that earthquakes start miles underground. They aren't affected by temperature and happen in any weather.

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Average Temperatures and Rainfall by Month

January: 66 F/19 C, 2 in/5 cm
66 F/19 C, 3 in/6 cm
65 F/19 C, 2 in/5 cm
67 F/ 20 C, 1 in/2 cm
69 F/21 C, 0 in/0 cm
72 F/22 C, 0 in/0 cm
75 F/ 24 C, 0 in/0 cm
77 F/ 25 C, 0 in/0 cm
77 F/ 25 C, 0 in/0 cm
74 F/ 24 C, 0 in/0 cm
70 F/ 21 C, 2 in/5 cm
66 F/19 C, 2 in/5 cm

What to Wear for Disneyland

You know how to match the temperature to your wardrobe selection, so this list focuses more on style and practical considerations you might not think of:

  • Dress comfortably. In summer it always feels hotter than the thermometer shows.
  • Avoid dangling things and anything that might get caught in ride equipment.
  • A small sling bag that you can pull to the front is a good choice as it will be easy to stow on rides.
  • You'll walk a mile or more for every hour you spend at Disneyland. Choose your footwear carefully, and don't try to break in a new pair of shoes.
  • If your hat doesn't have a strap to hold it on, bring a bag to put it in while riding.

What to Carry in Your Disneyland Day Pack

These are a few things that we have found helpful to have along:

  • A few first aid supplies, including bandaids, headache tablets, and something to treat blistered feet.
  • Motion sickness remedies.
  • Check the forecast for rain, but don't bring an umbrella; it's too hard to move around the park with one. Bring a rain jacket with a hood instead.
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