Rules for Cigarette Smokers at Disneyland

Smoking Area at Disneyland
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California has tough smoking restrictions and Disneyland is even tougher, so if you're a smoker planning a vacation to the "Happiest Place on Earth," you'll need to do some extra planning to visit the park while still being able to smoke throughout your stay.

Both smoking and vaping (using e-cigarettes) are prohibited even in outdoor areas except for designated smoking areas, which are getting scarcer every year. There are, however, designated smoking areas at the Main Entry Plaza outside both theme parks and a few locations inside of each as well.

In Disneyland, you can head to Frontierland near New Orleans Square to find a smoking section next to the Rivers of America Raft Dock or at Tomorrowland near the Train Station. In Disney's California Adventure, there's a smoking area in Hollywood Land near the water town next to Monsters Inc. Additionally, you can smoke in Downtown Disney, but must be at least 50 feet from the entrance to a store, restaurant, or restroom.


Since your options for smoking areas are incredibly limited in Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure, it might be best to try to smoke less on your trip to Disneyland. You might consider carrying some Nicotine gum so you can spend more time with your group enjoying the rides and less time finding a designated smoking area across the park.

Ashtrays are available in the smoking areas and are built into the top of trashcans in Downtown Disney. Disposing of your butts elsewhere in the park could result in a fine or even expulsion from the park—Disney employees take environmental awareness seriously and don't take kindly to people who litter.

There are no locations or stores within the Disneyland parks that sell tobacco products of any kind, so you'll need to pack extra cigarettes before you head to the park if you think you'll run out. While some of the hotels in Disney resorts do feature cigarette vending machines, they'll likely be much more expensive than at delis or tobacco stores in the area.

Smoking at Disneyland Hotels

Speaking of hotels, the three Disneyland Resort hotels—the Paradise Pier Hotel, the Disneyland Hotel, and the Grand Californian—are smoke-free establishments that do not offer any smoking rooms.

However, you can smoke at Disneyland Resort hotels in the designated smoking area or by taking a short walk off-premise—though you'll have to find a place to dispose of your cigarette butt if you do that.

The Disneyland Hotel has three smoking areas, one each outside the Fantasy, Adventure, and Frontier Towers; Disney's Grand Californian Hotel & Spa has one at the outdoor fireplace and another in the Brisa Courtyard, and the Paradise Pier has only one at the hotel entrance.

Many other hotels in the area are also smoke-free, meaning no smoking anywhere in the hotel rooms or common areas, so be sure to check when making reservations. There are several hotels in Los Angeles that do offer rooms where you can smoke, but they're a little further away and can be more expensive as they typically include a cleaning fee with a smoking-friendly reservation.

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