Maps of the Disneyland Resort

Map of the Disneyland Resort
Adapted from Google Maps

Back in 1955, when Walt Disney opened his park called Disneyland on 160 acres of former orange groves in Anaheim, California, you didn't need a map to get around. It had only 12 rides and three main areas.

Today, the Disneyland Resort includes a much larger Disneyland park and the Disney California Adventure theme park, the Downtown Disney shopping and dining district, and three hotels owned and operated by Disney.

Our Disneyland Resort map is designed to give you an overview of the resort. To navigate while you're there, you may want to pick up a printed map at one of the theme parks.

To get an overview of the Disneyland Resort, you can use the Guide to California's Disneyland Resort.

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Disneyland Hotel Map

Disneyland Hotel Map
Adapted from Google Maps

The Disneyland hotel map may look a little too small to be useful. I wish it could be bigger right here, but don't worry, there are other options. You can go to the interactive version where you can zoom in and out, see where everything is and get a quick summary of each hotel's characteristics.

This map shows the locations of all our recommended Disneyland hotels. The ones with dollar signs are the cheapest. The blue-colored pins are hotels owned by Disney and the green ones are within a 10-minute walk from the entrance on Harbor Blvd. 

You can use the guide to finding your perfect Disneyland jotel together with this map.

If you're looking at those green pins and wondering why some of the hotels that look close — and whose advertisements may say "across the street from Disneyland" aren't on it, you're not going nuts. Don't believe what the hotels say. Check them on the map and know that there is only one entrance to Disneyland, on Harbor Boulevard.

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Disneyland Map

Map of Disneyland in Anaheim, California
Adapted from Google Maps

Disneyland was the original theme park, the one all others took their inspiration from. After more than fifty years, you could call it the granddaddy of them all, still popular and for many, still the Happiest Place on Earth as Walt Disney called it.

Our Disneyland map is designed to give you an overview of the theme park. You can get a detailed map when you get to the park, or find one online or in an app that will help you get around.

This Disneyland map shows the major areas and a few of the most popular rides, but it isn't enough to get around with all day long. To navigate while you're there, pick up a printed Disneyland map when you enter the park to help you get around.

This guide will help you get acquainted with Disneyland.

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Disney California Adventure Map

Map of Disney California Adventure in Anaheim
Adapted from Google Maps

California Adventure is Disneyland's sister park, their entrances located just across from each other. 

Our Disney California Adventure map is designed to give you an overview of the theme park. To navigate while you're there, pick up a printed Disney California Adventure map when you enter the park to help you get around.

To plan an awesome trip to Disney California Adventure, start with this easy guide.

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Disneyland Area Map

Map of Disneyland and the Southern California Area
Adapted from Google Maps

Our Disneyland area map is designed to give you an overview of the area and Disneyland's location relative to the area airports and other places. To give you a sense of scale, it's about 35 miles from LAX to Disneyland

It's not intended to be used as a roadmap for driving or navigating, but this simplified version cuts out a lot of distractions and shows you the lay of the land. If you need to get to Disneyland, there are lots of ways to do it. You'll ​find them all in the Guide to Getting to Disneyland.

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