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Guide to the Disneyland Resort

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Disneyland Resort Overview

The term Disneyland Resort refers to the two Disney theme parks, three hotels and Downtown Disney in Anaheim, California. Follow the links below to get more information about each area.

  • Disneyland:
    • The original theme park still stands head and shoulders above its competitors. Allow one to two days, depending on your endurance and whether you want to "do it all." Use our tips to avoid standing in line. Add another half day if you want to take a special park tour.
  • California Adventure:
    • Here you'll find all of California's best, distilled into rides, shows and attractions. Allow one day for this park. If you buy a multi-day Hopper pass that allows you to visit both parks in the same day, you can do everything at California Adventure and still have a few hours left over.
  • Downtown Disney: Shopping, restaurants and entertainment.

Where to Stay at the Disneyland Resort

Things to Do Around the Disneyland Resort

Of course, you'll visit the theme parks. They're the reason you went to the Disneyland Resort in the first place, but there's more to do in Anaheim.

  • The Block at Orange: A buzzing outdoor shopping and entertainment complex with 30 movie theater screens, a skateboard park, bowling alley and plenty of shops. It's easy to get to on the Anaheim Trolley.
  • Dinner Theater: Both Medieval Times and Pirates Dinner Adventure offer a live show and a meal.
  • Get Sand in Your Shoes: Consider spending a day at the beach. A few miles south, Newport Beach and Huntington Beach have excellent beaches.
  • Professional Sports: The Anaheim Ducks hockey team and Anaheim Angels baseball team both play nearby.

Getting to and Around Disneyland Resort

See our handy map for an overview of the layout. Read the guides to Getting to the Disneyland Resort and Getting Around the Disneyland Resort to learn about the least expensive, most convenient and least stressful options.

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