Disneyland Attractions that Have Stood the Test of Time

Opening Day Rides that Still Delight at the 60th Anniversary

April 2015

It's remarkable how many of Disneyland's original rides are still bringing joy to visitors today. The majority of the attractions that greeted guests on the park's opening day continue to operate. While Disneyland has evolved, and many new features have been added (including an entire second park, Disney California Adventure), the core rides that Walt Disney and his team developed have stood the test of time. They help give the park a delightful aura of nostalgia, but still remain wholly relevant and timeless.

In honor of Disneyland's 60th anniversary and its Diamond Celebration (if you are thinking of visiting, here are 60 reasons to visit the resort during its 60th Anniversary), let's identify the original attractions that opened in 1955 and remain open:

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    King Arthur Carousel

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    The lovely spinning ride beckons guests to cross the drawbridge through Sleeping Beauty Castle and into Fantasyland. While it was one of Disneyland's original rides, the carousel's lineage goes back much farther than 1955. It was built in 1875 and was located at a Toronto amusement park for many years. Because Walt Disney wanted all horses for the ride, he supplemented it with additional animals from a second Coney Island carousel that he purchased.

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    Disneyland Railroad

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    The railroad was perhaps Walt Disney's favorite ride at the park. He was fascinated by trains and loved to tool around in the locomotive. The chugging trains still greet guests at the entrance of the park and take guests on a grand circle tour.

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    Peter Pan's Flight

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    While it was a "C-Ticket" ride when the park first opened, Peter Pan's Flight has remained enormously popular. The unique galleon vehicles, which are suspended from an overhead rail, give riders the sensation of flying along with Peter over Never Land and London.

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    Mad Tea Party

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    The spinning ride, which is themed to Alice in Wonderland and sits just outside the Alice dark ride in Fantasyland, has been making guests dizzy (but not all that mad) since Disneyland's opening day.

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    Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

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    Another one of the trio of Disneyland's original dark rides, it is based on The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad. The ride takes guests on a madcap drive through England.

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    Snow White's Scary Adventures

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    The dark ride was originally known simply as "Snow White's Adventures," but it was scary from day one. It's really more about the evil Queen/Witch than the lovable Snow White or the Seven Dwarfs.

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    How cool is it for kids to drive their own automobiles, especially in car-crazy California? Very cool. That's one of the reasons why the ride has lasted 60 years.

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    Main Street Vehicles

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    Traveling along Main Street U.S.A., which represents small-town America circa the early 1900s (about 50 years before Disneyland first opened), the Main Street Vehicles bring an energy and a charm to the area -- as well as a means of transportation. The original vehicles included horse-drawn streetcars and a fire wagon. Today, a jitney and a two-story omnibus also make their way up and down the street.

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    Main Street Cinema

    ••• Disney.

    The old-fashioned movie house has been showing Steamboat Willie, the first Mickey Mouse cartoon and the first animated short to include synchronized sound, for years. In fact, I believe the cartoon has been playing since at the theater since Disneyland first opened, which is probably some kind of a record.

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    Jungle Cruise

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    It's one of the most well-known and beloved Disneyland rides. The pun-filled patter of the Jungle Cruise skippers is a big part of its charm. The animated figures are fairly primitive compared to Disney's more sophisticated animatronic figures, but they also help make the attraction endearing.

    There are more opening-day rides to discover!

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    Mark Twain Riverboat

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    The stately paddle wheeler has been traveling Frontierland's Rivers of America since the park's opening day. Fun fact: The 150-ton riverboat can accommodate 300 passengers.

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    Storybook Land Canal Boats

    ••• Disney.

    When it first opened in 1955, the ride was known as Canal Boats of the World. A few months later, the park added the Storybook Land scenes, and the attraction became more popular. For one of its highlights, passengers cruise through the mouth of Monstro the Whale. After Frozen became a monstrous hit, Imagineers added miniature scenes from the movie.

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    Casey Jr. Circus Train

    ••• Disney.

    You could get another view of Storybook Land by boarding the Casey Jr. Circus Train. Strictly speaking, this is not an opening-day attraction since its debut was delayed until a few weeks after the park opened. 

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    Dumbo the Flying Elephant

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    A simple spinning ride, Dumbo is nonetheless a timeless and classic attraction. In a park filled with iconography, Dumbo is among the most iconic and beloved sights. Like Casey Jr., the ride is a bit of a cheat for this list. Dumbo didn't take flight until August, 1955, a month after Disneyland first opened.

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    The Golden Horseshoe

    ••• Disney.

    The Frontierland saloon is still open, but the Golden Horseshoe Revue that ran from opening day until 1986 (which earned it the distinction as the longest running show), is sadly dark. Walt Disney loved the show and had a private box.

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