Disneyland in Summer

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    Disneyland in Summer: June, July, August

    Goofy Gets Dressed Up for Summer Guests
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    Summer is our readers' least-favorite time to visit Disneyland, but still, almost 1 in 5 say they will go then.

    Typically, Disney opens their new attractions around the first week of June, just in time for the summer season. You can be among the first to enjoy them, but you won't be alone. In fact, a popular new attraction can have exasperatingly long lines for months after it opens.

    Disneyland in Summer: Month by Month

    For the purpose of this guide, summer is June through August. Check the month by month guides for more detailed information about Disneyland in JuneJuly, and  August.

    Disneyland Summer Tips

    If you're a light packer who tends to take a few mix-and-match items expecting to wear each piece more than once, make this trip an exception. Pack a new set of clothing for each day. Even when the thermometer says 80-ish, it gets extremely hot, and you'll be too sweat-soaked by day's end to wear anything again without a wash.

    Toontown is the hottest part of Disneyland. Make it your first stop in the morning before all that asphalt has a chance to heat up. Don't wait until after dark, though. It closes early because of the fireworks.

    Summer is one of the most crowded times of the year, and the lines can get exasperatingly long. You'll definitely need all of these tested and proven Ways to Reduce Your Disneyland Wait Time to cope.


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    Pros and Cons of Going to Disneyland in the Summer

    Cars Land After Dark
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    Reasons to Visit Disneyland in Summer

    • Disneyland's summer hours are the longest of the year. In fact, you go in the morning and stay until midnight if you don't get too tired.
    • Most of the Disneyland attractions will be open, except when they close for periodic maintenance.
    • New attractions open at the beginning of summer, and you can be among the first guests to enjoy them.
    • Summer is the best time to see Fantasmic! (twice nightly) and World of Color at California Adventure. Parades will run more than once a day. And the fireworks go off every night.

    Reasons to Avoid Disneyland in Summer

    • Summer is the busiest time of year at Disneyland. In fact, it's is one of the unholy trinity of worst times to go to Disneyland (along with spring break and Christmas holidays) because of long lines.
    • In the middle of a summer day, it can get so hot at Disneyland that you may think the pavement is going to melt the soles of your sneakers. 
    • People get cranky when it's hot and crowded - and when they have to wait - which can make it harder to have fun. Even if you retain your good humor, the people around you may not.
    • The July 4 holiday draws peak attendance during what's already the busiest time of year. That perfect storm makes the holiday the second-busiest time of the year. The park will be even more packed if July 4 is on Friday or Monday, creating a three-day holiday weekend.
    • For the first few weeks of June, season pass holders flock in to check out the newest attractions, making the park even more crowded than usual.
    • Because demand is high, so are prices. Hotels are booked up, and spring's discounts disappear faster than an ice cube in the summer sun.
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    More About Visiting Disneyland

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    More Seasons of Disneyland

    If you're thinking about going to Disneyland and want to compare Disneyland in summer to other seasons, see the guides to  ​Disneyland in Spring, ​Disneyland in Fall, and ​Disneyland in Winter

    Disneyland Weather and Climate by Month

    You may also want to see the average temperatures and climate at Disneyland and in Anaheim.