Visiting Disneyland in October

Disneyland USA Main Street

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It's Halloween all month at Disneyland in October, with holiday decorations and celebrations. One of the best times to visit Disneyland in October is during one of the days of Mickey's Halloween Party. Children and adults can wear a costume and everyone can go trick-or-treating. Attendance is limited, so waits are short, and this event package provides you with a fairly inexpensive way to get into Disneyland—and the only way to see the special Halloween fireworks.

Weekdays in early October, when the weather is sunny and the temperatures warm, can be one of the best times to visit Disneyland. Crowds are smaller on weekdays.

Hours and Attractions

Monday through Thursday: Open 11 to 13 hours per day. All of Disneyland closes early on days when Mickey's Halloween Party is being held.

Friday through Sunday: Open 14 to 16 hours per day. Columbus Day/Indigenous Peoples' Day (second Monday) will be like a weekend day.

Some attractions may have shorter hours and sometimes the park is open for a special evening event, so check the Disneyland Calendar before going.  

Late in the month, "it's a small world" closes so they can switch it over to its Christmas holiday theme. October may be the less-busy season as far as visitors (except on weekends), but it's the busy season for the Disneyland maintenance team, with significant closures happening during this time of year. maintains a list of the exact dates when rides will be closed for refurbishment. 

Special Events and Budget Considerations

You'll find it hard to get significant ticket discounts this time of year as its still a popular time to visit Disneyland. Visiting Disneyland during the days when Mickey's Halloween Party is being held is a way to save money. The package prices are less expensive than a regular ticket and there are lots of fun extras.

As the parks start to get busy for Halloween, it will be harder to find a good hotel deal. Hotels fill up on Mickey's Halloween Party nights.

Gay Days are an unofficial event, held in early October, as part of Anaheim's Gay Days. Anaheim goes all out to support gay citizens with special events and parties. It's a time that some GLBTQ people plan a trip to Disneyland and, although it's an informal event, there are pool parties, mixers, live music, DJs, dancing, brunch, and other things going on in Downtown Disney and the hotels. You'll find It's traditional to wear a red shirt for Gay Days. Each year there are more and more people attending this fun event.


October Weather

These averages give a rough idea of what the weather will be like at Disneyland in October. ​California weather, just like everywhere else, is different every year.

  • Average High Temperature: 74 F/24 C
  • Average Low Temperature: 63 F/17 C
  • Rain & Clouds Index: Little or no rain

Expect sunny days and slightly cooler evenings. When conditions are right, Santa Ana winds can bring hotter than average temperatures along with very dry conditions that give some people headaches and increase the potential for wildfires in the hills.

Check the current Disneyland weather forecast a few days ahead for the best information.

Packing for Comfort

Midday, Disneyland sometimes feels a little hotter than you might expect from the thermometer reading. Park hours will be shorter than in the summer, but it still cools off fast at dark. If you're going to watch water shows up close, you'll be thankful for a water repellent jacket.

Layers always work best. Make the innermost layer one that you'd be comfortable in if it's a little hotter than the forecasted high. Also, bring sunscreen and a change of socks for the day. And, of course, wear walking shoes.

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