Disneyland in March

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    Disneyland in March

    Radiator Springs Racers, Disney California Adventure Cars Land
    ••• Radiator Springs Racers, Disney California Adventure Cars Land. Courtesy of Disneyland

    If you're thinking about going to Disneyland in March, think about the month in two parts.

    For the first week or two before schools start their spring breaks, it will be more like the month of February, but with slightly more hours of daylight. 

    After spring break season begins, things get much busier. Lots of families like to take a trip to Disneyland during the annual break, but going during that busier time requires more patience and planning.

    In California (where many Disneyland visitors live), the spring break season is less tied to the religious holiday. Schools schedule their breaks between mid-March and the end of April. In some parts of the country, the annual school break is tied to Easter, which can fall between March 22 and April 25. You can look up this year's date for Easter to help in your planning.

    According to their responses to polls, many TripSavvy readers plan to visit Disneyland in the spring but not during spring break. For more help in choosing a time to go, c...MOREheck the pros and cons of going to Disneyland in the spring.

    Disneyland's March Hours

    Daylight Saving Time ends in mid-March. If you go after that, you get more daylight hours in the evening. The easy way to get the start date for Daylight Saving Time is to search for "daylight savings time start" at Google.

    In general, Disneyland's will be open in March for 10 to 16 hours per day Mondays through Thursdays and 15 to 16 hours per day Fridays through Sundays. Hours may be longer on holiday weekends.

    California Adventure hours are often shorter than Disneyland's. Check the March hours for both parks up to 6 weeks in advance.

    March Closures at Disneyland

    You may find rides closed for major refurbishments early in the month, but by the time the spring break crowds arrive, most of them should be open again, unless they're undergoing an extensive overhaul.

    Touringplans.com keeps a list of which rides are expected to be closed for refurbishment.

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    Disneyland Crowds, Costs and Events in March

    Food Item at the Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival
    ••• Food Item at the Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival. Disneyland Resort

    Website isitpacked.com says you should go to Disneyland during the first two weeks of March before crowds get too big. Use their crowd forecast calendar to get a day-by-day prediction.

    Cost Considerations

    • Tickets: Disney often offers promotional deals that extend through early March, selling adult tickets for the kids' price or Park Hoppers at the price of a one park per day ticket. You may have to buy the tickets before the end of February. Check their website for details.
    • Hotel Costs: Hotel costs will stay low until Spring Break starts.

    Disneyland March Events

    There are no extra annual events at the Disneyland park in March, but if Mardi Gras happens during the month, there will be some special activities around New Orleans Square. If Easter falls on a March Sunday, some of the Downtown Disney restaurants may offer an Easter brunch menu.

    Startin in March, Disney California Adventure hosts a Food and Wine festival that will last through mid-April.

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    What to Expect from Disneyland Weather in March

    Spring Flowers at Disneyland
    ••• Spring Flowers at Disneyland. Paul Hiffmeyer/Disneyland

    These averages can help you get a rough idea of what the weather will be like. 

    Like most other places, Disneyland sees a variety of spring weather. Some years, the winter rains continue, but in others, it can be dry and very pleasant. Once in a while, it's even downright hot.

    Anaheim's average high temperatures in March range from a high of 65°F (19°C) to a low of 51°F (10°C). On the average, it gets 3 inches (5 cm) of rain.

    At the extremes, Anaheim's record low temperature in March was 30°F (-1°C), and its record high was 108°F (42°C). 

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    What to Pack, What to Wear in March

    California Adventure, Disneyland Rides, Los Angeles, CA
    ••• California Adventure, Disneyland Rides. Mark Downey / Getty Images

    You can start planning your Disneyland wardrobe ahead of time, but don't rely on averages to make your final plans. Instead, ​check the weather forecast a few days ahead.

    If rain is in the forecast, don't take an umbrella, They make it hard to move around, and they're a nuisance to stow every time you want to go on a ride. Instead, take a poncho or hooded rain jacket.

    Even if it isn't raining, the weather probably won't be warm enough to make running around in damp clothing a comfortable experience.

    If you want to go on any water rides, take a plastic poncho and choose clothing that will dry out quickly. Cotton fabrics can stay soggy and uncomfortable for hours, making synthetics a better choice. 

    Before you start packing your bags, take a look at the tested and proven tips in the Girls' Guide to Packing for Disneyland.

    More Disneyland by Month

    Disneyland's least crowded months are January and February but their hours are short, rides may be closed for...MORE refurbishment, and entertainment options are fewer.

    Spring is great weather-wise and part of March, April, and even early May are less crowded.

    Summer's busy season is JuneJuly, and August. Hours will be long, most rides will be open and there's lots of entertainment. It's also the most crowded time of year.  That's when you'll definitely need to know these proven ways to spend less time standing in line at Disneyland.

    September is less crowded and has great weather. The holiday season begins in October when the Halloween decorations go up and stay up through November and December.