Disneyland in Fall

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    Disneyland in Fall: September, October, November

    Fall Decorations at Disneyland
    ••• Fall Decorations at Disneyland. ©2012 Betsy Malloy Photography. Used by Permission.

    Our readers like Disneyland in fall and 1 in 7 say they're going to visit after the kids go back to school. Attendance reaches its lowest levels on the second Tuesday of September and stays low until the third week of November, except over Columbus Day weekend (second Monday of October).

    To see Disneyland with a different look, I like to go in the fall after the Halloween decorations go up. And after Haunted Mansion makes its annual transition to Haunted Mansion Holiday, themed after Tim Burton's film Nightmare Before Christmas.

    A few days in fall may be busier than most because of school schedules. A simple way to get an idea of when Disneyland expects bigger crowds is to find out which days have longer hours. The shorter that is, the smaller the crowd they're expecting. You can check the daily hours on the Disneyland website.

    School holiday crowds are mostly locals. You can get another clue by checking the block out dates on annual passes, especially the most restrictive southern California resident pass.

    Disneyland Events in the Fall

    Three unofficial events draw crowds to Disneyland in Fall:

    Gay Days at Anaheim happens the first week of October.

    The Disneyland Half Marathon draws crowds over the first weekend of September. Even though the racers are out of the park before it opens, many of them hang around to enjoy it for the rest of day.

    Dapper Day also happens in the fall. It's an unofficial event when people may dress up in their "dapper," old-fashioned dress-up clothing. You'll also find some fun, retro-themed events to attend and they sometimes offer group discounts on tickets.

    Disneyland in Fall: Month by Month

    For the purpose of this guide, spring is March through May. Check the month by month guides for more detailed information about Disneyland in  SeptemberOctober, and November.

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    Pros and Cons of Going to Disneyland in the Fall

    ••• Tomorrowland. ©2013 Betsy Malloy Photography. Used by Permission.

    Reasons to Visit Disneyland in Fall

    • After the kids go back to school and before the holiday decorations go up in October may be the best time to go to Disneyland, if you're looking for lighter crowds.
    • Halloween (October 31) brings some great decorations. Take a look and find out about what's special at Disneyland for Halloween.
    • It's also very busy for a day or two after the Christmas holiday decorations go up in early November.
    • You can get hotel discounts during the less-busy parts of the shoulder season. And possibly lower airfare, too.

    Reasons to Avoid Disneyland in Fall

    • The first few days after Halloween decorations go up in the park, the crowds are bigger, sometimes near capacity.
    • The three-day Labor Day weekend will be busy (first Monday in September).
    • Years ago, Thanksgiving Day (fourth Thursday of November) was a very good time to visit Disneyland, with very small crowds. Then word got out, and now it's one of the busiest days of the year.
    • Haunted Mansion closes in late September so it can be transformed into Haunted Mansion Holiday.
    • it's a small world closes in early November so it can take on its winter holiday look.
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    More About Visiting Disneyland

    Halloween Balloons at Disneyland
    ••• Halloween Balloons at Disneyland. ©2015 Betsy Malloy Photography. Used by Permission.

    More Seasons of Disneyland

    If you're thinking about going to Disneyland and want to compare Disneyland in fall to other seasons, see the guides to  Disneyland in SpringDisneyland in Summer, and Disneyland in Winter.

    Disneyland Weather and Climate by Month

    You may also want to see the average temperatures and climate at Disneyland and in Anaheim.