How to Use Disney World's Rider Switch Program

Disney Tower of Terror ride at night
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Don't let traveling with a toddler or infant keep you from enjoying some of the best attractions Disney World has to offer. You can use the rider switch program to explore some of Disney's most thrilling rides—those that often have a long line and a height restriction. The rider switch program isn't just for roller coasters, either: Snow White's Scary Adventures will terrify most small children, so ask for a pass if there is a long line.

How It Works

A child-switch or rider-switch pass allows you to just wait in line once. This way, Dad can wait in line and then enjoy Expedition Everest while Mom watches the little ones. Once Dad has enjoyed the ride, Mom can use a the rider switch pass just like a FastPass+ and breeze to the front of the line.

The rider switch program is available at select Disney World theme park attractions. Approach the cast member at the FastPass+ or main entrance of the attraction you want to ride. Some rides will do a rider switch even though they do not have a FastPass+ option. Let the cast member know you want to do a rider switch, and you will be issued a special paper ticket. The first rider will need to wait in the line, but the second rider will not. 

Visit the Disney World website to learn the most up-to-date information on the program and on which rides it is available.

Who Can Use It

Anyone with a child or dependent adult who is unable to ride an attraction like Soarin', Splash Mountain or the Tower of Terror. At least two adults or responsible parties are required to utilize the rider switch program—one to experience the attraction and one to wait with the child. 


You must have all parties present to qualify for a rider switch ticket—at least one child and two responsible adults. If all parties are not present, you won't be issued a pass.


  • You can still use a FastPass+ with the child switch program, just show up at the time on the FastPass+ and let the ride attendant know you need to make a switch.
  • Look for play or shopping areas to explore while you wait for your turn to ride, or use the waiting time to allow your child to take a quick nap.