Disney World's Best Quick-Service Restaurants

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    Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe

    Kringla Bakeri og Kafe
    ••• Loren Javier / Flickr / CC BY-ND 2.0​

    There are a ton of places to eat at the massive Disney World resort. When you visit the Mouse, you would probably want to have at least a couple of more leisurely meals at full-service restaurants). If you're on a budget or just looking for a quick bite, however, it's likely that you would want to eat the majority of your meals at Disney World's casual, lower-priced eateries when you visit.

    Quick-service refers to restaurants at which guests walk up to a counter, choose their items, and cart their own food to a table. None of these restaurants accept advance reservations, and most visitors probably make a spur-of-the-moment decision to eat at them. (For table-service restaurants, you should plan ahead. Learn how to make Disney World dining reservations.) By perusing the best restaurants listed here, however, you'll be able to identify the places you'd like to grab a meal, help plan a rough itinerary, reduce your spur-of-the-moment stress, help ensure that you would...MORE be treating yourself and your park posse to some good food, and help make your overall visit that much more enjoyable and memorable.

    Many of the quick-service restaurants are included on the Disney World free dining program. You won't find Mickey and the gang visiting the tables at any of these lower-priced eateries, but you can find out which table-service restaurants offer Disney World character dining. To satisfy your sweet tooth after you enjoy your quick-service meal, you can check out Disney World's best snacks and desserts.

    Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe

    • Location: Norway Pavilion, World Showcase, Epcot
    • Cost: Low (generally under $15 per adult)
    • Food: Norwegian cuisine, including baked goods

    You could pop into Kringla just to drool over and order sweets from the bakery case, such as two signature items, a sweet pretzel with almonds or school bread (a yummy bun flavored with cardamom, filled with custard, and topped with toasted coconuts). The school bread is so intoxicating that it was chosen as one of the best dessert items in the entire resort.

    But the "kafe" also offers sandwiches and salads, including a vegetable torte with roasted mushrooms, spinach, potatoes, and Jarlsberg cheese as well as a salmon and egg sandwich that features smoked salmon and hard-boiled egg slices on sourdough bread with a delicious cheese spread.

    The line generally moves quickly at Kringla, and it has a nice atmosphere. The promenade in front of the cafe is a good spot to catch the nightly Illuminations show. Grab a treat as well as a beverage (a liquor-spiked Viking Coffee perhaps?) before or after the fireworks.

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    Sunshine Seasons

    Sunshine Seasons
    ••• Gene Duncan/The Walt Disney Company
    • Location: The Land pavilion at Epcot
    • Cost: Low (generally under $15 per adult)
    • Food: American and international eclectic

    Sunshine Seasons is divided into different food stations. For example, the Asian counter offers dishes such as a tofu and vegetable noodle bowl and spicy Thai chicken. For heartier fare, grilled salmon and rotisserie chicken is available at the grill station. A sandwich counter features un-burgers like a vegetable flatbread and smoked ham and salami on asiago ciabatta. And a soup and salad station has lighter choices available.

    For Epcot warriors in a hurry to get back to Future World, Sunshine Seasons has pre-prepared grab-and-go items, such as sushi and side salads ready for the taking. It may be "fast food," but even the desserts are inspired. Choices might include Asian chocolate cheesecake, apple flan, or, in honor of the nearby attraction, Soarin', Soarin' brulee. In a word: yum!

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    Flame Tree Barbeque

    flame tree barbecue
    ••• Courtesy of Flame Tree Barbecue
    • Location: Discovery Island at Disney's Animal Kingdom
    • Cost: Low (generally under $15 per adult)
    • Food: Barbecue favorites

    It's easy to find the Flame Tree Barbeque; just follow your nose. The intoxicating aromas wafting from the dining spot will lead you there. Its menu features ribs, smoked chicken, and BBQ beef sandwiches, served with sides such as coleslaw, baked beans, and corn muffins.

    Lighter fare includes a smoked turkey sandwich and an intriguing-sounding smoked chicken salad plate that includes spicy arugula, pinto and garbanzo beans, tortilla chips, and corn. You could also grab a giant turkey leg here, but you can get the Disney World staple at a number of places throughout the resort.

    Nothing goes better with BBQ than an ice cold beer. Fortunately, Flame Tree has a limited variety of beers available.

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    Yorkshire County Fish Shop

    Yorkshire County Fish Shop
    ••• Harshlight / Flickr / CC BY 2.0
    • Location: United Kingdom pavilion at Epcot
    • Cost: Low (generally under $15 per adult)
    • Food: British fish and chips

    Another Epcot eatery makes it onto the list. It's not really a restaurant so much as an outdoor food stand located next to the Rose & Crown Pub. And the limited menu only has one entree: fish and chips. But oh, what an entree. It's a must-have indulgence for many Disney World visitors as they make their way around the park's World Showcase.

    If you like fish and chips (and you know who you are), you'll want to get in the queue at Yorkshire County for the delectably battered and deep-fried morsels. Douse them in malt vinegar (or ketchup if you are off your trolley; this is the U.K. m'lads and m'ladies). Also on the menu are English beers on tap, which go great with the fish and chips.

    You could order the same item next door at the Rose & Crown, but you'll pay a lot more. You would, however, get indoor seating. There are outdoor tables behind the fish shop.

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    Cooke's of Dublin

    Cooke's of Dublin
    ••• Courtesy of Walt Disney World
    • Location: Disney Springs
    • Cost: Low (generally under $15 per adult)
    • Food: Irish grub

    Located next to the rollicking Raglan Road restaurant (and run by the same people), Cooke's has many of the same items but offers them at lower prices and in a convenient counter-service setting. You wouldn't get the posh pub atmosphere, but you would get some tasty Irish fare and a reasonable tab.

    Among the menu items are beef and lamb pie, Irish sausages, a fisherman's pie (in a yummy white wine sauce with a potato crust), and a battered burger and chips. Speaking of batter and chips, the specialty at Cooke's is The Original One and One, which is a healthy portion of fish and chips.

    Hmm. Following Epcot's Yorkshire County, it would seem that our panel of judges really like the fish and chips at Disney World. One of them, Lyn Dowling, food critic and feature writer for Florida Today, rates Cooke's the top counter-service restaurant at the resort and says that the fish and chips are...MORE the best not just at Disney World, but in Central Florida.

    If you just want a snack, perhaps to share, consider skipping the fish and going for a serving of skinny chips with garlic and parmesan dipping sauce. You might want to hold off on any smooching until you are able to get to your toothbrush, however.

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    Columbia Harbour House

    Feast on decidedly American fare at Columbia Harbour House, a Magic Kingdom eatery known for its seafood platters.
    ••• Columbia Harbour House at Disney World's Magic Kingdom. Courtesy of Walt Disney World Company
    • Location: Liberty Square at Magic Kingdom
    • Cost: Low (generally under $15 per adult)
    • Food: American cuisine

    It's not what America's liberty-seeking forefathers ate, and it's not particularly adventurous, but the decidedly American fare at this restaurant will please most palates. Meals include a fried shrimp platter and a lobster roll. Lest you think it's all seafood, all the time, there are other items such as chicken breast nuggets and vegetarian chili.

    There is also a battered fish basket. I know what you're thinking: Yet another fish and chips joint? Well, sorta. This is the American version of deep-fried fish, and you can get it with a side of fries, or, if you prefer a lighter accompaniment, steamed broccoli or apple slices.

    Speaking of lighter options, panel judge A.J. from Disney Food Blog says, "You may be tempted to pass right by this quick service spot, thinking that it’s a garden variety bastion of fried food." In fact, she notes that Columbia Harbour...MORE House also offers grilled salmon, salads, and other lower-calorie items. Although, she adds, "The fried stuff is pretty rad, too."

    As you might expect, the decor is early American with a nautical flare. If the main dining area is full, head upstairs to the often-quiet, somewhat hidden second dining room.

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    Tangierine Cafe

    Tangierine cafe epcot
    ••• HarshLight / Flickr / CC BY 2.0
    • Location: Morocco pavilion at Epcot
    • Cost: Low (generally under $15 per adult)
    • Food: Moroccan and Mediterranean

    This is about as far from typical fast-food fare as you can get (while still technically, being fast food). It might be out of the comfort zone of some more conservative diners, but if you have even a little sense of culinary adventure, consider a visit to the highly regarded Epcot eatery.

    Meals include a Shawarma chicken and lamb platter that features thin-cut slices of deliciously seasoned meats that have been slow grilled on a spit for hours. The dish includes hummus, tabouleh, and couscous salad. This and other entrees, such as falafel and a ground meat Moroccan kefta sandwich, are similar to what you can order at the nearby Restaurant Marrakesh, but at a fraction of the cost (and the time it would take to order and dine at the table service restaurant).

    Like the rest of the Morocco pavilion, the Tangierine Cafe has some lovely tiles and other Northern African ornamentation.

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    Earl of Sandwich

    Earl of Sandwich disney springs
    ••• Courtesy of Earl of Sandwich
    • Location: Marketplace at Disney Springs
    • Cost: Low (generally under $15 per adult)
    • Food: American, featuring sandwiches

    As you might expect, sandwiches rule at this Downtown Disney restaurant. Choices range from the tried and true, such as roast beef with cheddar cheese and horseradish to the more adventurous, like the Caribbean jerk chicken with hot banana peppers.

    The sandwich-making system at the restaurant is fascinating. After patrons order, food preparers put the sub-style rolls into a conveyor-belt-like oven. As guests move through a cafeteria line and ogle the sides and desserts, the individual rolls emerge from the oven hot and ready to be assembled. The warm bread makes for a killer sandwich.

    Salads, including Chinese chicken salad and Mediterranean tuna salad, can be ordered in a bowl or wrapped in flatbread. Earl of Sandwich also offers a variety of soups and sides. The food is tasty and quite reasonably priced by Disney World standards. "Seriously, can you think of somewhere...MORE else at Disney that you can get more bang for your buck (for any meal) than the Earl?" asks panel judge Deb Wills, the founder and Webmaster of AllEars.net, rhetorically.

    After paying, the cashier gives patrons a pager. The meals are invariably ready in a jiffy. Even when the line snakes out the building, which it often does, don't be discouraged. It moves quickly and efficiently. You'll be eating in (almost) no time.

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    Be Our Guest Restaurant

    Be Our Guest
    ••• Matt Stroshane / Walt Disney World News
    • Location: New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom
    • Cost: Low (generally under $15 per adult)
    • Food: American and French-inspired cuisine

    Some of you may have scanned the list of Disney World's best table-service restaurants, seen Be Our Guest listed there, and are now wondering what's up. Yes, the lovely New Fantasyland dining spot located inside The Beast's castle has an elegant (if pricey) dinner menu. But at lunch, the restaurant is transformed into a quick-service eatery with significantly lower prices. It's an intriguing dual-purpose dining space that is something of an innovation from Disney.

    The lunch and dinner menus are virtually entirely distinct from one another. Midday entrees include Croque Monsieur, a gooey sandwich filled with carved ham, gruyere cheese, and béchamel that is similar to the famous Monte Cristo at Disneyland's Blue Bayou. Other choices are braised pork, French onion soup, and vegetable quiche. Ooh la la.

    While the food is tres magnifique, the...MORE ordering system is tres unique. Instead of ordering at a counter, waiting for the meals to be prepared and delivered on a tray, and then wandering around the dining room in search of a table (which is the norm for most of the other quick-service eateries at Disney World), guests order their meals either at a self-service kiosk or with a Disney cast member and are given a "magic rose." Guests place the GPS-enabled device on their table (which allows servers to match the meals with the patrons), and their food is delivered to them. It's a pretty nifty concept.

    At least half of the fun of dining at Be Our Guest is marveling at the richly detailed Beauty and the Beast themeing, which includes the cavernous ballroom and more intimate seating in the Rose Gallery and the West Wing. The great thing about coming for lunch is that you could enjoy the ambiance (and savor the delicious food) without having to pay royal prices.

    Judge Robb Alvey of Theme Park Review loves Be Our Guest (as does nearly every other participant on the panel). He heartily recommends the French onion soup and the cupcakes (which includes "The Master's Cupcake," a chocolate sponge cake topped with "grey stuff").

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    Les Halles Boulangerie and Patisserie

    Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie
    ••• Matt Stroshane / Walt Disney World News
    • Location: France pavilion at Epcot
    • Cost: Low (generally under $15 per adult)
    • Food: French cuisine, including baked items

    The heavenly goodies in the pastry case at Les Halles will make your tastebuds swoon. In fact, the panel of judges were crazy over the French patisserie's flaky and scrumptious treats and voted three of its items among the ten best desserts and snacks at Disney World.

    But the judges also went crazy for Les Halle's crusty baguettes, its croissants, and other entrees as well, earning it a spot on this list.

    Among the menu items are Jambon Beurre, which includes ham, cheese, and dijon mustard butter on a baguette, Tartine Provencale, a delicious combo of grilled eggplant, peppers, and goat cheese on country bread, and Quiche Lorraine, the famous savory French pie dish with ham and gruyere cheese.

    One of the culinary lessons to be learned from this review of Disney World's best dining spots is that you should add Les Halles to your itinerary when you visit the...MORE resort as a great place to grab both a quick, reasonably priced, tasty meal as well as some mind-blowing sweet treats.