Disney World's Single Rider Program

Spend Less Time Waiting in Line by Riding Solo

Line of people waiting for ride at Disneyworld
There are lines everywhere at Disney World, but you can avoid them – if you know how and have the resources. Joe Penniston/Flickr/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

If you're planning a trip to Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida—especially if traveling alone or with a small child—you might want to consider jumping in the single rider line at some of the most popular attractions to avoid long waits. 

The single rider lines offer solo travelers, or guests wishing to enjoy an attraction on their own, the opportunity to move quickly through the line at select Disney World rides, and it allows Disney to fill every seat in a ride vehicle and maximize the number of people the ride can serve per day.

The single rider line offers you the chance to speed through the line — you may even make a few new friends (as you will ride with folks you don't know) — and are often located next to the FastPass+ line. Rides at Disney World Resort that feature these lines include Expedition Everest, Test Track, the Rock 'N' Roll Coaster.

Why Disney Offers a Single Rider Line

Because the single rider line moves more quickly and the ride can accommodate more people per hour if every seat is used, the single rider line reduces wait time for everyone, not just the singles—sending a single person through alone on a car designed for two or three people means longer wait times for everyone in line.

Not surprisingly, most of the rides offering single rider options are headlining attractions and thrill rides, including Expedition Everest, Test Track,and Rock 'N' Roller Coaster; some attractions like Soarin' will fill in spaces with single riders from further back in the queue as needed but do not have a dedicated single rider line. Both the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Space Mountain in the Magic Kingdom also have frequent calls for single riders at the loading area, due to the way the ride vehicles are set up.

Another reason Disney offers guests this type of line access is that it allows families with small children who don't meet height requirements to "take turns" watching the child while the other rides the ride; additionally, families with only one person who likes roller coasters can separate while the one thrill-seeker takes a quick ride without having to wait hours to see that person again.

Tips and Rules for Single Riders Lines

When it comes to these special queues, single really means single—if you go through the single rider line with a companion, you likely will be split into different vehicles or rows for the ride. However, you can combine the single rider line with the rider switch program to further reduce your waiting time if you are traveling with a spouse and small children.

When you get to the loading area of any attraction, listen to the loading attendant, they may call for single riders and you will be able to proceed to the front of the line if you are alone. You should also pay attention if you're in a line that doesn't have a single rider queue as attendants will often call for singles to fill empty space in cars.

Single rider lines are not meant for handicapped individuals that may require special wheelchair seating or assistance from someone in their party to board the attraction. If you are in a wheelchair or require special assistance, please refer to the park's accessibility page or visit the Disabilities Access Services in the Guest Relations Lobby.

If you just hate lines at Disney, make sure you get a FastPass+ whenever possible, and brush up on some great ways to pass the time while you wait in line—there's no real reason to be sad in the "Happiest Place on Earth" with these great tools!