The Best Disney World Rides for Kids Under 10

What do the best Disney World rides for kids under 10 have in common? They are eye-catching, full of fun, have manageable wait times and include some unexpected surprises. Part of the fun of choosing a ride is the anticipation—seeing logs crashing down from the peak of Splash Mountain enhances the experience, and knowing what is coming makes waiting a little easier.

Plan to spend time visiting each Disney theme park, and take advantage of the Fastpass+ system to see as many of these great attractions as possible.

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Splash Mountain (Magic Kingdom)

Magic Kingdom spash mountain

 Matthew Freeman/Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

Splash Mountain dominates Frontierland and is sure to draw the eye of every child in your travel party. Most kids under 10 will enjoy traveling on this wet and wild flume ride, and it is a good "test" attraction to see if your child is ready for the more thrilling Disney attractions. This ride has a height restriction, so if you have preschoolers in your group plan on waiting at the mini playground near the ride entrance.

Tip: Head to Splash Mountain early in the day, or use Fastpass+, this popular attraction usually has a long line by lunchtime.

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Toy Story Mania (Disney's Hollywood Studios)

Toy story mania

Walt Disney World 

Spot your favorite Toy Story pals, and play fun carnival style games on this innovative and interactive ride. Kids will adore the frenetic pace and appearances by Buzz, Woody, and the rest of the Toy Story Gang. This ride does not have a height restriction, so the whole family can ride.

Tip: This ride is one of Disney World's most popular, and wait times can be measured in hours, not minutes. Arrive early in the day to be sure you get a chance to ride or use Fastpass+ to ensure less waiting.

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Kilimanjaro Safaris (Animal Kingdom)

Zebra in the Kilimanjaro Safaris

 JeffChristiansen/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

If your child loves animals, don't miss Kilimanjaro Safaris, located in ​Disney's Animal Kingdom. Not only can you see a variety of wildlife without obvious barriers, but the drivers also do a great job of keeping riders entertained and perched on the edge of their seats. This ride will get busy, so arrive early in the day and research some ideas for passing the time in line.

Tip: Traveling with a young wildlife fan? Check out the nearby Animal Kingdom Lodge, one of the best Disney resorts for kids.

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Triceratop Spin (Animal Kingdom)

TriceraTop Spin ride at Disney's Animal Kingdom.
Theme Park Tourist/flickr

Not only does the TriceraTop Spin feature fun and easy ride controls and little to no waiting, it also nestles up to Hester and Chester's amusement games. This area is a fun place to take a break from a busy day in the Animal Kingdom. TriceraTop Spin uses the same ride platform as Dumbo the Flying Elephant and The Magic Carpets of Aladdin, so if your child enjoys these rides, TriceraTop Spin will be a hit as well.

Tip: These carnival-style attractions are not huge thrill rides, but they can be a confidence booster—you can let kids over seven ride on their own dinosaur, elephant, or carpet.

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Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (Magic Kingdom)

Walt Disney World's Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Walt Disney Company

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad offers a thrilling, high-speed adventure through an abandoned mine. While this attraction can definitely be considered a thrill ride, it is tamer than most, with no loops or inversions and plenty of slow spots to take a break and look at the scenery. This is a great first coaster for kids under 10, and if they leave the ride looking for more, you'll know they're ready for some of Disney's most thrilling attractions.

Tip: Is your child ready for one of Disney World's "Mountain" coasters? If you're not sure, head to Fantasyland and ride the BarnStormer mini coaster first.

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Slinky Dog Dash (Toy Story Land, Hollywood Studios)

Aerial view of Slinky Dog Dash at Disney World's Hollywood Studios

 Walt Disney World

Slinky Dog Dash is a fantastic next-level coaster for kids who loved Thunder Mountain and want to move up to a slightly more thrilling experience. The Toy Story-themed attraction mimics the motion of a real Slinky Dog, with plenty of drops, speeds, rolling hills, and even a slingback mid-ride that propels the coaster to the end. Grownups will love the nostalgia-tinged decor throughout the ride and line — you're surrounded by giant boxes of crayons, Yahtzee, Elmer's Glue, and (of course) Slinky toys. 

Tip: This ride opened in June 2018, so you should expect long lines (wait times neared five hours on opening day). Your best option is to book a Fastpass+ for this attraction as soon as you buy your park tickets. If you can't snag a Fastpass+, take advantage of morning Extra Magic Hours and dash straight to this ride for the shortest line possible. 

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Test Track (Epcot)

Epcot Center

The Walt Disney Company

Kids as young as five can enjoy the fastest and longest attraction in Walt Disney World—Test Track. If your child enjoys fast-paced rides, then Test Track will be a hit. That loud noise you hear as you approach this attraction? Its the sound of cars screaming around the high-speed loop at 60 plus miles per hour.

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Pirates of the Caribbean (Magic Kingdom)

Pirates of the Carribean

Walt Disney World

You'll be speaking "pirate" and humming "A Pirate's Life for Me" after a sail through the pirate-infested waters of Pirates of the Caribbean. Spot pirates cavorting and causing trouble, join a pirate battle and keep an eye out for Captain Jack Sparrow on this high seas adventure.

With catchy, sing-able music, a clear storyline, and just enough thrills to be fun without being downright scary, Pirates of the Caribbean is a hit with the under 10 crowd.

Warning: Younger kids may become frightened by this dark ride with loud noises.

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Mad Tea Party (Magic Kingdom)

The Mad Tea Party ride

Javier Loren/Flickr/CC BY-ND 2.0 

Take a spin on a giant pastel colored tea cup at the Mad Tea Party. Be sure to keep an eye out for Disney characters at this location; Alice, the Mad Hatter, and the White Rabbit have been spotted nnearby

Warning: Do not share a tea cup with anyone who loves spinning, or you could become too dizzy to climb out of the cup!