Disney World's Pirates League Makeover

Transform into a pirate, empress, or mermaid for a day

Pirates League Makeover

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The Pirates League at Disney World gives you the chance to become a pirate, empress, or mermaid for a day. Located next to the classic Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Adventureland in the Magic Kingdom, the League does for pirates what the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique does for princesses.

The Pirates League transforms seafaring wannabes ages 3 and older into swashbuckling characters and beautiful creatures of the sea. Even teens and adults can be seen taking their turn in the makeup chair, particularly on days when the park hosts Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.

Pirate trainees receive a makeover worthy of Jack Sparrow himself, including face paint, accessories, temporary tattoos, and other surprises. Following the makeover, all new buccaneers attend a private naming ceremony and photo session. Pirate makeover packages range from $18.95 for a minimalist transformation with a scar tattoo and sword to $99.95 for the full Captain Hook deluxe treatment, including makeup, a costume (available in youth sizes only), and a variety of fun accessories.

The Details

Make your appointment for early in the day to get maximum mileage out of your character. Reservations for pirate makeovers are strongly recommended and can be made up to 180 days in advance; walk-in appointments are rarely available. Allow at least an hour for the makeover process, which can take more or less time depending on the package you choose. Children must have an adult with them for the entire process.

The First Mate Package can turn you into your choice of pirate characters, including Ghosted Pirate, Zombie, Captain Hook, Blackbeard or Black Eyed Jack, while the Empress Package puts a feminine spin on the pirate mystique with nail polish and glamorous makeup. Aspiring mermaids can opt for character appropriate makeup, hair, and accessories, or turn fully aquatic with the addition (and added expense) of a costume (available in youth sizes only). Limited-time offers occasionally add other character options to the makeover menu as well.

Following your makeover, you attend a ceremony indoctrinating you into the secret world of pirates and take an oath as you get sworn into the Pirates League. With adventurous tales of sunken ships and buried treasures, the Pirate Masters tell you all about navigating the high seas and leaving your life as a landlubber behind. A keepsake certificate formalizes your new name and position in pirate society.

Tips and Advice

  • The makeup used for face painting does not come off easily, so plan on being a pirate for the next 24 hours.
  • This is an excellent place to go just before Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, but others will have the same idea, so book your reservation far in advance if you want a makeover for this event.
  • A Disney Photopass photographer will be on hand to document the pirate transformation; these photos can be purchased onsite or after you arrive home.
  • If you can't get enough pirate fun, check out some of the best pirate-themed places and attractions in Disney World.

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