Disney World in July

Everything you need to know about visiting Disney World in July

Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom
••• Disney. Used with permission.

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July is part of the peak season at Walt Disney World, so the theme parks and resorts will be very busy. The plus side of all this bustling activity? Disney packs the parks full of interesting parades, events and shows, and the parks stay open late — very late each evening.

Ride closures and updates are at a minimum in July, so you should be able to see everything you want to, as long as you are willing to wait in line or use the FastPass+ program.

Celebrations this month include special 4th of July fireworks programs and events.

Crowd Level:

The Disney theme parks are very crowded in July, and may even reach maximum capacity on some days, meaning the park would close to new arrivals until the crowd thins out a bit. The 4th of July and the days surrounding it are some of the busiest times of the year, so plan on using FastPass+, packing some line busters for the kids, and making advanced dining reservations for any restaurant you want to visit. (You will not be able to walk up the  podium of a popular restaurant like the Coral Reef and request a table during this busy time of year!)​


Look for special Disney promotions for July travel in the spring. Even if you have booked your trip a year in advance, it pays to double check the cost every time a new promotion or package is offered, you may be able to save some money or upgrade your resort. If you plan to travel by air, you may be able to secure a significant discount on your airline tickets if you watch for sales and discount fares.


Take advantage of the Disney theme parks' long summer hours to see everything you want to see. The weather will be hot, so summer is the best time to visit Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon, or just cool off in your resort pool.


  • Arrive at the theme parks early in the morning, and return to your hotel each afternoon. Have a leisurely lunch or nap and return to the parks refreshed in the evening. You will avoid the busiest, hottest times of the day, and still have plenty of time to have fun in the theme parks.
  • Plan to enjoy outdoor rides and attractions in the early morning or after dark to avoid the hottest part of the day. Dumbo the Flying Elephant is great fun at 8 a.m., but will be as hot as a pressure cooker by noon, so plan accordingly.
  • Enjoy cool watery attractions like Kali River Rapids, Splash Mountain and Shark Reef to cool off in the afternoon.
  • Stay hydrated. Sip some of Disney World's best beverage offerings to beat the July heat, or just pack a bottle of water to carry along each day.
  • Use a Disney iPod App to keep track of wait times and delays in various parks, and you'll never have to trek to a tip-board again.

Warnings and Cautions:

  • Sunburn Alert! Wear sunblock every day and re-apply often. The Florida sun can be brutal, even if you don't normally burn, you may while you are at Disney.
  • Stay safe. If you are traveling with kids, pay special attention to safety rules, and keep track of everyone's whereabouts while you are on vacation. It is easy to get lost in the crowd, particularly during events or while entering or exiting the park.

Edited by Dawn Henthorn, Florida Travel Expert since June, 2000