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The next time you are exploring Disney World, visit the Morrocco pavilion in Epcot or Mombasa Marketplace in Disney's Animal Kingdom for a unique and lovely henna tattoo. Artisans are on hand daily to paint on your favorite design, and the finished product lasts about a week.

A henna tattoo is a nice treat for a teen who feels too old for face painting or the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique or for anyone who wants to test drive a tattoo without a long commitment.


The henna artist has an entire book of designs to choose from. Select a simple wrist or arm piece, or get a larger piece on your back or shoulder. We chose a simple bracelet to try the process out.

The henna tattoos in Epcot are applied freehand, so the artist can combine several different designs to get the look you want. Part of the fun of getting a henna tattoo is playing a part in the design process.

Henna art is similar to the face painting offered at other locations in Disney World. The examples are there to give you an idea of what can be done, but the finished piece can be customized to your specifications.


Once you have selected a design, the artist will use a paper applicator to paint the henna directly onto your skin. The henna is a little cool but does not hurt at all. Our design was done in under three minutes; the artist was obviously an expert at the pretty freehand swirls that make up the design.

Once the henna is applied, the artist will add a dash of sparkly glitter for fun, then send you on your way. Do not touch the tattoo while it is wet. It will dry completely in under 10 minutes. Ours was dry by the time we walked to Les Chefs de France for dinner, it didn't take long at all.

The henna tattoo will dry to a dark, crusty finish, then naturally fall off. This is the only part of the process that isn't pretty, the half-flaked design looked a little shabby and we were tempted to pick it off. We resisted, though, because the tattoo artist said the design would last longer if we let it peel off on its own.


The tattoo doesn't cost much, and on our fair skin, it lasted about 10 days. According to our tattoo artist, most henna tattoos will last between seven and ten days.

For us, this was a good value, as a total needle-phobes, this is as close to a "real" tattoo that we are willing to get.

The cost is influenced by the size and complexity of the design; the more elaborate options were more expensive.

Caring for Your Tattoo

Once the initial henna clay has peeled away, henna tattoos don't require any special care. We went swimming and even took a dip in Shark Reef a few days later with no adverse effects. We went home sporting our tattoo, it actually darkened over time.

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