Disney Vinylmations Trading Guide for Collectors

Disney Vinylmations
Disney Vinylmations.

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Opening a new Vinylmation character is a big part of the fun of building your collection. Almost all Vinylmations are sold in solid boxes without windows, so you don't know which piece you have purchased until you open your box.

While purchasing blind adds to the fun, what do you do if you get a Vinylmation you already have — or one you don't like? You trade it!

There are several ways to swap a duplicate or unwanted Vinylmation character. You can trade your piece for another design at select resort and store locations, you can take a chance and do a mystery swap, or you can trade with another collector.

How to Swap for a Different Design

Some (but not all) locations that sell Vinylmations also offer a small swap box. You can usually spot these boxes right next to the register, and they are most commonly found at resort stores selling the Vinylmation characters.

Each swap box is made of clear plexiglass and holds three Vinylmation characters to choose from. If you prefer one of the designs in the box to one that you currently own, simply let the cast member manning the register know you'd like to swap, and they will exchange the pieces for you. You can do this once a day, and the Vinylmations in a swap box are constantly changing as guests with different preferences exchange their characters.

How to Do a Mystery Swap

Disney World locations that stock large collections of Vinylmations offer a mystery swap box for guests wishing to make a trade. The mystery box is opaque black, with numbers for each of the Vinylmation characters tucked away inside. Choose whatever number strikes your fancy, and make the exchange. This is the Let's Make a Deal version of trading, as you will choose your new piece from the black box by number only — no peeking!

Mystery Swap boxes are located in theme park and Downtown Disney stores with a large stock of Vinylmations, including:

  • Once Upon a Toy and Disney Pin Traders (Disney Springs, formerly Downtown Disney)
  • Emporium (Magic Kingdom, Main Street, U.S.A)
  • Mouse Gear (Epcot, Future World)
  • Animation Gallery (Hollywood Studios)
  • Outfitters (Animal Kingdom, Discovery Island)

How to Trade With Other Collectors

You can trade your Vinylmation figures with other collectors at Disney World, either one on one or at scheduled trading events. See resort and theme park schedules for details on timing and location of trading events during your trip.

Trading rules are similar to those used for Disney pin trading, and some Vinylmation characters are more desirable than others. Trades are simple, you just swap your 3" figure for another 3" figure. Minis and oversized Vinylmations are not accepted for trading at this time.