Disney Pin Trading Rules and Etiquette

Disney Pin trading
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Are you a polite pin trader? Do you know the etiquette that goes along with pin collecting and trading? If you're not sure, read through these great tips for getting the most out of your Disney pin trading experience.

Know Which Pins are Tradeable

You can trade Disney pins with cast members and other guests as long as your pins are made of metal, in good condition and feature something related to Disney. Pins suitable for trading feature Disney rides, characters, movies, theme parks, resorts and more — basically anything Disney will work. Pins should be traded on a one for one basis; you swap one of your pins for a pin from your trading partner.

Know Who You Can Trade With

You can trade with cast members and guests in the Disney theme parks, shopping areas, and resorts.

Trading with other guests: Visit a trading event to meet other Disney pin collectors from around the world. Pretty much everyone in attendance at an event will be willing to trade, though you may not be able to make a match with everyone you meet. You need to determine what pins are valuable to you and swap away a pin that is valuable to your partner. If you don't attend an event, look for other pin collectors milling about pin sales locations, waiting in line, or sitting next to you at a show or parade. Pin collectors are easy to spot, just look for the lanyard or display badge covered with pins.

Trading with cast members: Most cast members are willing to trade the pins they are wearing. In some cases, they may have a few pins that are not eligible for trading, and they will indicate that clearly when you approach a trade. Cast members will trade up to two pins per day with each individual guest, and most are extremely flexible, especially when trading with kids under 12.

Trading at a resort: Most Disney resorts offer pin trading locations and some offer pin trading events as well. Check the daily recreation schedule from your resort for pin trading times and locations Some resorts offer self-service trading. Look for a large pin trading notebook at the Wilderness Lodge, and for huge picture frame displays of tradeable pins at the Contemporary and the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Polite Pin Trading

Don't touch or grab another person's pins without asking. It is better to point or indicate the pin you want than to grab at someone's lanyard or vest. Different pins are important to different collectors, so don't be surprised if another collector has some pins that are "off limits" for trading. Trades are for keeps, so be sure you really want to swap before making an exchange. This is particularly important to note if you are traveling with a preschool pin collector — they may want their original pin back an hour after trading.

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