Disney Cruises for Adults

Places for Grownups on Disney Cruises

Think it's goofy, the idea of going on a Disney Cruise when you'd rather not spend your honeymoon or vacation surrounded by other people's kids (or your own)? Although the Disney Parks in Florida and California are magnets for family vacationers -- and kids are virtually inescapable -- Disney Cruises has set aside several areas exclusively for adults. In fact, with the exception of embarking, excursions, and disembarking, you can succeed in having a childfree journey on Disney Cruises. Here's how.

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    Get a Jolt of Java at the Cove Café

    ••• Cove Café. © Disney Cruise Lines.

    Even on vacation, a strong cup of coffee can get the day off to a good start. Cove Café is located next to the Quiet Cove Pool. Similarly, only guests 18 years of age or older are permitted. Wouldn't want to stunt the kiddies' growth, would we? Here couples can relax with a magazine, watch TV, and check email.

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    Swim in the Quiet Cove Pool

    ••• Quiet Cove Pool. © Disney Cruise Lines.

    The sight of leaky babies wading into a swimming pool; the splashing that interrupts an elegant crawl; the noise of kids squealing poolside: They're guaranteed romance-killers. Disney Cruises protects adults from such disturbances by maintaining a Quiet Cove Pool on all of its ships. This precious H2O is reserved exclusively for guests age 18 and older.

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    Indulge in Senses Spa & Salon

    ••• Vista Spa. © Disney Cruise Lines.

    The ocean-view Senses Spa and Salon covers 10,700 square feet on each ship in Disney Cruise Lines. Massages, body wraps, facials, manicures, pedicures and hair styling are all on the menu. The spa also has what they call a Tropical Rain Forest. Designed as a place to unwind, it has no monkeys, no giant insects, and no kids: Just heated beds, spa music, warm rain showers, a sauna, an aromatic steam room, and a cool-fog shower.

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    Savor a Meal at Palo

    ••• Palo Brunch. © Disney Cruise Lines.

    There are no high chairs, bibs, or screaming babies as dining companions at Palo, Disney Cruise Line's adults-only restaurant, which is on all its ships. The fare is Northern Italian and the mood is relieved and romantic. During sea days, Palo hosts a Champagne brunch that features assorted cheeses, fresh pastries, made-to-order entrées, and tempting desserts. Note: Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy maintain a second adults-only restaurant, the French-accented Remy.

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    Feel the Burn in the Fitness Center

    ••• Fitness Center. © Disney Cruise Lines.

    We're not talking slow burn, as when a no-necked monster spills a smoothie on your nice white pants. For adults only, the fitness center aboard Disney Cruise Lines has ample exercise equipment and there's rarely a wait to use it. There's also a dedicated area for spinning classes. In private salons, Pilates and yoga instruction takes place. One-on-one fitness consultations with a personal trainer are also offered.

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    Cocoon in a Spa Villa

    ••• Spa Villas. © Disney Cruise Lines.

    Ideal for couples, private spa villas in Senses Spa and Salon aboard Disney Cruise Lines feature an indoor spa treatment suite that's connected to an outdoor verandah with hot tub. It also has an open-air shower and chaise lounge for two. Overlooking the ocean and warmed by tropical breezes, these indoor/outdoor spots provide a sexy, secluded retreat. Note: As the number of units is limited, reserve yours early.

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    Sequester Yourselves on Serenity Bay

    ••• Serenity Bay. © Disney Cruise Lines.

    Like other cruise lines that sail to the Caribbean, Disney maintains its own private island, Castaway Cay. To keep childfree adults (and ones who prefer to avoid their own spawn) sane, a portion of the island dubbed Serenity Bay is strictly for grownups. This secluded part of Castaway Cay features a separate beach, a place to eat, and private massage cabanas overlooking the water.

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    Attend a Wine Tasting

    ••• Wine Tasting. © Disney Cruise Lines.
    Toast your cleverness in evading the 18-and-under crowd by attending a wine tasting aboard a Disney Cruise Lines ship. Led by a sommelier, you'll receive tips on how to evaluate wine. You're likely to find a vintage or two that you especially like. On seven-night cruises, expect similar adult-oriented activities, hands-on demonstrations, and ship tours.
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    Stay Up Late

    ••• One of the bars aboard Disney Cruises. © Disney Cruise Lines.

    There's a dedicated entertainment district aboard Disney Cruise Lines with venues that include a disco and piano bar. All nightclubs and bars are restricted to adults. Depending on where you perch, you may come across live entertainment such as a cabaret show, group games, a dance floor, and other nocturnal amusements. Quaff specialty cocktails, wine, champagne, even soft drinks.