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Louis XV dessert on Disney Dream cruise ship

Disney Dream / Linda Garrison

I guess I'm a cheap date, because my favorite dessert on a Disney Cruises' ship is the Mickey Premium Bar (also affectionately called a Mickey on a Stick). After all, what's better than vanilla ice cream with dark chocolate? However, my taste buds are attracted to desserts of all kinds, so I was intrigued when I learned of the Disney Cruise Line Pompidou's Patisseries Dessert Experience. This special event is currently only offered on sea days at the Remy specialty restaurant on the Disney Fantasy cruise ship.

So, what's a Pompidou's Patisseries Dessert Experience? It's a dessert tasting in Remy's that features six delightful delicacies prepared by the Disney Fantasy chefs. Those who have seen the Disney-Pixar movie "Ratatouille" will recognize Pompidou as the dessert chef in the movie. Since Remy is named for the star of this animated feature, it's appropriate to name the dessert tasting for one of the other movie characters.

I have not eaten dinner at Remy on the Disney Fantasy, but I did have dinner at Remy on the Disney Dream. It was the best dinner I've had on a cruise ship in several years. The food was memorable, the service outstanding, the venue spectacular, and the wine perfectly paired with each dish.

The tasting begins in the private Chef's Dining Rom at Remy with a special greeting to the guests from Remy's Executive Chef and Executive Pastry Chef. This small room is named Chez Gusteau after the fictional restaurant in the movie and its artwork and decor make it look very Parisienne. The chefs provide an overview of the decadent desserts to come and some insight into preparing sweet masterpieces.

The dessert experience group next moves into the main dining area of Remy, where each of the six indulgences are served one at a time. The chefs provide a mouth-watering description as to the design, ingredients, and preparation of each dessert as it is placed in front of the guests. These culinary fun facts make the anticipation grow. By the time everyone is served and begins to savor the sweet, you can quickly hear the oohs and aahs of satisfaction start to roll around the room.

It's quite a fun event, and a glass of Champagne, wine, or cocktail accompanies the tasting, which was $50 per person in 2015. Since the event is only offered on sea days, advance recommendations are recommended. How and when to book any reservation at Remy's is provided on the Disney Cruises' Remy Home Page.

This special event, along with the Petites Assiettes de Remy, which is a progressive sampling of six of the dishes served at a Remy dinner, are a wonderful introduction to this very special restaurant on the Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream.

Although the desserts vary at Pompidou's Patisseries Dessert Experience, I thought readers might enjoy seeing five of the desserts we sampled at Remy's at our tasting.

Is the Louis XV Chocolate Praline the World's Best Dessert?

The Louis XV chocolate praline dessert seen in the photo above was the last dessert we tasted at the Disney Pompidou's Patisseries Dessert Experience, and was also the most impressive. I just wish I had saved more room in my tummy!

The dessert takes its name from Le Louis XV Restaurant at the Hotel de Paris in Monaco where it originated. Some food critics have called Ducasse's Louis XV dessert the "best dessert in the world". I've never dined at this Alain Ducasse restaurant, so I can't compare the Disney version to his version, but the Disney Louis XV was divine. I've read online that the Louis XV at the Hotel de Paris is 26 euros per slice, but I doubt many diners would think the views from the restaurant would be as spectacular as the views of the sea from a Disney ship. In addition, I doubt if the dessert tastes significantly better than Disney's--just different.

The Louis XV basic recipe at Remy is a nutty, crunchy praline topped with milk chocolate mousse and coated with a silken dark chocolate ganache. The piece de resistance is the edible gold leaf on top. Simply put, the Disney Louis XV was like the world's best Kit Kat bar, only with a delightful nuttier base, much better filling and dark chocolate, and an edible gold leaf.

Other Superb Delights at the Disney Dessert Experience

The next four pages provide a photo of the other desserts we tasted at the Disney dessert experience. I did not get a photo of the first dessert, which was called a pina colada. Much like the drink of the same name, it was served in a glass, very creamy, cooling on a warm day, and delicious. To maintain the Caribbean theme, the pina colada dessert was served al fresco on the deck outside Remy. It was a marvelous start to our dessert experience.

Scroll below to see the other delectable items at Pompidou's Patisseries. These dishes are constantly changed, but should provide a general idea as to the interesting combination of desserts and portion sizes.

  • Vacherin (raspberry sorbet)
  • Blanc manger passion
  • Orange Creme Patissiere
  • Chocolate soup
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Disney Cruises - Raspberry Sorbet Vacherin

Raspberry sorbet on the Disney Dream cruise ship
Disney Dream (c) Linda Garrison

This refreshing dish consisted of raspberry sorbet, whipped cream, and tiny pieces of white, crunchy meringue. The Disney chefs called it a vacherin, which is normally a dessert consisting of a crispy meringue shell filled with fruit and cream or ice cream. This revised Disney version was delicious.

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Disney Cruises - Blanc Manger Passion

Blanc manger passion at Remy on the Disney Dream cruise ship
Disney Dream (c) Linda Garrison

This light dessert was like a fluffy passion fruit mousse, with crunchy pralines on the side. The small orange dots are passion fruit syrup. The whole concoction was refreshing and very light (but probably not light in the calories).

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Disney Cruises - Orange Creme Patissiere

Orange Creme Patissiere at Remy on the Disney Dream cruise ship
Disney Dream (c) Linda Garrison

This orange dessert was prepared on the plate for each person at the Disney dessert experience. We started with a crunchy orange flavored tuile wafer shell on our plates. Using a pastry bag, one of the chefs then filled the shell with a very light orange creme. It was fun to watch the plate evolve into a delightful custard dessert.

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Disney Cruises - Chocolate Soup

Chocolate soup at Remy on the Disney Dream cruise ship
Disney Dream (c) Linda Garrison

Like the orange creme patissiere, the chocolate soup was prepared on each plate immediately before it was eaten. Our bowl was filled with a milky chocolate ice cream and a liberal sprinkling of toffee and chocolate pieces (like a crumbled Heath bar). The chef then poured a serving of a dark chocolate soup into the bowl and topped the whole thing with fresh shavings of white chocolate.

Since this chocolate soup dessert was followed by the Louis XV chocolate praline, the chocolate lovers in our tasting group were on sensory overload by the end of the event. All of the desserts were marvelous, and the chefs put a lot of effort into the recipes and presentations.

The bottom line question is--Which is better, the Remy desserts or a Mickey Premium Bar? I'll have to say they cannot be compared. All were delicious, and I'd try any of the Remy desserts again. I'd also attend a Pompidou's Patisseries Dessert Experience (if I could get reservations) on a Disney Fantasy cruise. On the other hand, a chocolate Mickey Premium ice cream bar on a hot day is hard to beat (and, you don't have to dress up.)

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Disney Cruises - Mickey Mouse on a Stick

Mickey Mouse chocolate ice cream bar on the Disney Dream cruise ship
Disney Dream (c) Linda Garrison

This Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar ("Mickey Mouse on a stick") is NOT one of the desserts featured at the Disney Cruises' Pompidou's Patisseries Dessert Experience, but these delicious dark-chocolate-dipped vanilla ice cream bars are available anytime on the Disney ships. And, unlike the theme parks, they are complimentary with your cruise!

This one was served to me on request (not on the menu) as dessert at Animator's Palate Restaurant, but you can also enjoy them at any of the other dining venues or even from room service. However, given the quality of food at Remy and Palo, I'm not sure if you would want to order a Mickey Premium Bar at either of these two outstanding venues!

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