Disney California Adventure Ride Guide

California Adventure, Disneyland Rides, Los Angeles, CA
California Adventure Rides at Night. Mark Downey / Getty Images

Here you'll find a brief overview of Disney California Adventure rides and attractions.

Disney California Adventure closes various rides for periodic maintenance, and some have limited hours. To get the current status of every ride, you can visit the Disneyland website. However, their schedule only goes out a month. Unless there's a planned renovation underway, there's no way to know whether your favorite ride will be running on future dates.

The rides are organized by area, clockwise starting left from the entrance plaza on Buena Vista Street. The links will take you to a detailed profile and review of each of the most popular rides, which includes ratings, tips, ride times and trivia — along with factors for fun, wait times and the likelihood of motion sickness.

To keep the lists simple, the height restrictions are in inches only. Here's what those translate to in cm: 32 in = 81 cm, 36 in = 91 cm, 38 in = 97 cm, 40 in = 102 cm, 42 in = 107 cm\, 48 in = 122 cm

How to Use This Guide

You can use this page as a simple resource that lists all the Disneyland rides in one place. Click through using the links and you'll get full-page profiles of each ride that include tips for enjoying it and fun facts about it.

You can also quickly look through the ratings to find the best rides — or scan the minimum height listings to find out whether you need to start setting expectations for your kids. And you can find out about time-saving line options like FASTPASS, Single Rider, and Rider Switch.

Buena Vista Street

Buena Vista Street is the street where Disney Studios are located in Burbank, and this themed entry area recalls the days in 1923 when Walt Disney first arrived in Southern California. The Carthay Circle Theatre recreates the movie house where the animated film Snow White and Seven Dwarfs premiered. Citizens of Buena Vista Street stroll past and entertainers show up to sing and dance.

The daily Pixar Play Parade starts at Paradise Pier and ends on Buena Vista Street.

Hollywoodland Rides

This street looks like how Hollywood would do Hollywood. It has lots of touches that refer to local sights and is also one of the best places to meet the characters.

    Rating Min Height Fastpass Single Rider1 Type
Disney Animation Building   ★★★★     Animation Academy Turtle Talk w/ Crush Sorcerer's Workshop
Frozen at the Hyperion Theater   ★★★★   Fastpass Indoor Show
Monsters Inc   ★★★     Indoor dark ride
Sunset Showcase Theater   ★★★★★     Film previews
Guardians of the Galaxy   ★★★★★     Dark indoor ride with sharp drops
Disney Junior - Live on Stage!   ★★★★     Indoor show for preschoolers

Pixar Pier Rides

The area is themed for those Pixar films that everyone loves. It closes early for the World of Color show, which happens in the lagoon.

    Rating Min Height Fastpass Single Rider1 Type
Ariel's Undersea Adventure   ★★★     Indoor dark ride
Incredicoaster   ★★★★★ 48 Fastpass Single Rider Rollercoaster
Golden Zephyr   ★★★     Retro swing ride
Jumpin' Jellyfish   ★★★ 40   Parachute style

Jessie's Critter Carousel
Goofy's Sky School   ★★★ 42 Fastpass Single Rider Rollercoaster
Silly Symphony Swings   ★★ 40   Swing ride
Pixar Pal-A-Round   ★★★★     Ferris Wheel
Toy Story Midway Mania   ★★★★★   Fastpass Target-themed games
Inside Out Emotional Whirlwind   ★★     Spinning, flat ride
World of Color   ★★★★★     Water and light show

Grizzly Peak Rides

The Grizzly bear on the mountain is an easy way to find this small area that pays tribute to California's forests and woodlands.

    Rating Min Height Fastpass
Single Rider1
Grizzly River Run   ★★★★ 42 Fastpass
Single Rider
Water rafting
Redwood Creek Challenge Trail   ★★     Run, play, climb
Soarin' Around the World   ★★★★ 40 Fastpass IMAX with a twist

A Bug's Land Rides

A Bug's Land closed in September 2018 to make way for Avengers Land, which is set to open in 2020.

Cars Land Rides

California Adventure's newest land gets its inspiration from Old Route 66, the classic highway across America. 

    Rating Min Height Fastpass
Single Rider1
Luigi's Rollickin' Roadsters   ★★★ 32   Spin and dance in small cars
Mater's Junkyard Jamboree   ★★★★ 32   Tractor-themed vehicles spin
Radiator Springs Racers   ★★★★★ 40 Fastpass
Single Rider
Auto race

1If you don't mind riding in a single available seat instead of next to your companions, go to the single rider line. This option will get you on board a lot sooner.

2Rider Switch allows adult guests to take turns waiting with youngsters or other Guests who are unable to ride.