Discounts on Cedar Point Tickets

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    Where to Find Discounts on Cedar Point Tickets

    Cedar Point Discount Tickets
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    Cedar Point, located just outside of Sandusky about 1 1/2 hours' drive from downtown Cleveland, is consistently rated as one of America's favorite amusement parks. The 364-acre park is home to 18 roller coasters, a white sand beach, a classic merry-go-round, four children's areas and a plethora of shops, food stands, and exciting rides.

    Tickets are available from Cedar Point—online, by mail, by phone, or in person at the attraction's onsite ticket office (open seasonally). However, several discounts are available, both from the park itself and from other area retailers.

    Cedar Point opens the first weekend of May and stays open on weekends through Halloween.

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    Save Money by Ordering Cedar Point Tickets Online

    For most people, the best price at Cedar Point is the online, discounted price. Prices vary depending on when you visit and options you choose, but you'll save an average of $20 over the gate price by ordering online. Visit the Cedar Point ticketing website for more information.

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    Take Advantage of Evening Starlight Discounts

    Amusement Park Complex, Cedar Point Amusement Park, Sandusky, Ohio, USA
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    If you just want to visit the park in the evening, take advantage of Cedar Point's starlight discounts. If you enter after 4 pm, you will get a discount off the gate price. Weekdays will be a little cheaper than weekends.

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    Save with Cedar Point Season Passes

    Blue Streak roller coaster
    Nick Nolte/Wikimedia Commons

    If you plan to visit Cedar Point more than once this season, you can save money by purchasing a season pass. Passes for 2017 start at $138.00 per adult and you can make six equal payments. There is also a platinum season pass for $210.00 that also includes unlimited admission to Soak City, free parking, early ride times and admission and parking to other Cedar Fair parks, including King's Island near Cincinnati. You will get an additional discount if you're renewing your season pass. Visit the Cedar Point website for all the details.

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    Don't Forget Cedar Point Military Discounts

    Cedar Point
    Intamin10/Flickr/CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

    Cedar Point offers a discount to active, retired, or honorably discharged military personnel and immediate family members. You can purchase up to six tickets per military member. Passes may be purchased online but a proper ID is required to validate.

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    Stay at a Cedar Point Resort Hotel and Save

    Cedar Point aerial view
    Vlastula/Flickr/CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

    Guests of Cedar Point's resort hotels (the Hotel Breakers, Sandcastle Suites, Lighthouse Point, Camper Village, Breakers Express, and Castaway Bay Resort) are eligible for a substantial discount on daily park admission. Resort guests also get early entry (one hour early) to the park.

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    Save with a Combo Ticket

    Cedar Point midway
    Courtesy of CedarFair

    You can also save money by purchasing a combo ticket that combines admission to Cedar Point and Soak City for two days.

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    Ask about AAA Discounts

    AAA Discounts
    Cliff_Robin/Flickr/CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

    Historically, northeast Ohio AAA offices have offered its members discounts on regular adult Cedar Point admission tickets.

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    Meijers Stores Offer Cedar Point Discounts

    Meijer store
    fanofretail/flickr/CC BY 2.0

    Meijers, the large central Ohio discount retailer, offers discount tickets to Cedar Point, Kings Island and other area attractions seasonally. Prices for the 2015 tickets have not yet been announced. There are no Meijers stores in the greater Cleveland area. The nearest one is in Mansfield. For a complete list of stores, visit the Meijers Website.

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    Order a Discover Ohio Travel Guide

    Cedar Point amusement park
    andrewb94/Flickr/CC BY-ND 2.0

    The Ohio Department of Tourism, via their Discover Ohio Web site and toll-free number, offers free Ohio visitors guides each year. Inside these guides are several pages of coupons for attractions in the Buckeye state. Among these is a coupon good for a discount off of regular adult Cedar Point admission. To order your book, visit the  Discover Ohio website.

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    Look for Cedar Point Discount Coupons in the Newspaper

    CP coasters
    Courtesy of Cedar Point

    For the last few years, the Cleveland Plain Dealer and other area newspapers have included Cedar Point discount coupons in the Sunday inserts. These coupons generally appear at the beginning and toward the end of the season. Keep your eyes peeled.

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