Top Ways to Get Discount Tickets to the Performing Arts in NYC

From Broadway Shows and operas to classical music and the ballet, New York City is home to some of the world's greatest theater, music, and dance. Tickets to experience these world-class performances can really eat up your travel budget, but with these ways to get discount tickets for everything from the latest Broadway musical to classic ballets everyone can experience an amazing performance in New York City.

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Discount Broadway Tickets

Broadway theater billboards in Times Square at night, New York
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Whether you want to book your Broadway tickets in advance or get a ticket once you've arrived in New York City, we've outlined many ways to score discount Broadway tickets.

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Discount New York City Ballet Tickets

New York City Ballet performing in its American Music Festival at the David H. Koch Theater on Friday night, May 10, 2013.This image:A scene from 'N.Y. Export: Opus Jazz.'
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Students can score discount tickets to the New York City Ballet with rush tickets, but anyone can get a discount ticket to see the New York City Ballet from the New York State Theater's fourth ring.

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Discount Tickets for the New York Philharmonic

New York Philharmonic performing the opening gala concert at David Geffen Hall on Thursday night, September 24, 2015.Tonight is also the inauguration of David Geffen Hall at Lincoln Center.This image:Alan Gilbert leading the New York Philharmonic in Beethoven's Seventh Symphony
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Discount Tickets for the New York Philharmonic are easiest to get if you're young -- there are student rush tickets available 10 days in advance and if you're under 35 you can put together your own discount series of three concerts. However, anyone can enjoy seeing the New York Philharmonic at work during an open rehearsal for just $15 or catch the New York Philharmonic for free during its summer performances in New York City's parks.

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Discount Tickets for The Metropolitan Opera

This is an exterior night view of the once 'new' Metropolitan Opera House in Lincoln Center on the opening night.
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You'll be surprised to discover that you can get discount tickets to ‚ÄčThe Metropolitan Opera with several different programs that they offer, including rush tickets for just $20 (available to everyone, not just students), standing room only tickets and student discounts.

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Discount Tickets for Carnegie Hall

Carnegie Hall at 57th Street and 7th Avenue December 29, 2004 in New York City.
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Students and seniors can take advantage of special discount tickets to Carnegie Hall, but anyone can get a discount ticket to Carnegie Hall with the $10 partial view tickets available on the day of the performance.

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Discount Tickets for the New York City Opera

Duet between a male and female vocalist live on stage
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Since its inception, the New York City Opera has sought to make opera financially accessible, and they have programs for everyone to get affordable tickets.

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