Dirty Hotels

Guests Complain About Dirty Hotels

Smoky Surprise
"We were surprised and disappointed to learn that ALL the rooms were smoking rooms, and it was obvious. The person at the desk gave us a can of spray (wow!) and our attempt to neutralize 20 years of flaming tar and nicotine fell pathetically short." -Brad (Michigan)

One Word: Fungus
"There was actually a mushroom fungus growing on the carpet under the sink." -A. Evans (Virginia)

Unmade Bed
"Check in was the best part.

After that we got to our room right away we noticed the jacuzzi was filthy. My husband and I pulled the covers back and it was obvious the sheets had not been changed, there was hair and trash all over the bed and a roach fell out of the bed linen. The pillows had dark yellow stains and even blood. We were offered a new room but they were not better, but worse." -Sissy (Arkansas)

Itchy Hives
"I took my 7-year-old son swimming. He swam for 1-1/2 hours, not straight, he got in and out quite a few times. That night my son itched all through the night, almost to the point where it was waking me up and annoying me. The next morning, my son was still itching and i lifted his shirt and his whole body was broke out in these HUGE hives. Needless to say we spent the next 3-1/2 hours in the emergency room!!! I have e-mailed [the hotel] twice and have received no response. They're not trying to make the situation better whatsoever." - TanyaB (Minnesota)

Mysterious Goo
"As I dried my hair after my shower, I noticed there was a patch of something that was white, and gooey, sliding down the wall behind the TV and behind the dresser. When I say behind, it's not like it was hidden. It looked like something the consistency of hair conditioner, yet organic.

I had no desire to touch the substance or try to identify it. I fought back the vomit, and notified the front desk." -Brrrse454 (Mississippi)

Pool Scum
"Pool had scum on the sides so bad, people had written their names and messages in the residue of the scum." -Pat (Indiana)

Afraid to Fall Asleep
"This place is absolutely filthy. There were splatters on the walls which I don't even want to imagine what they are from. As soon as nighttime came around, roaches came out of just about every nook and crack. I was afraid to fall asleep. In the bathroom I didn't even want to touch anything because everything was so dirty." -Cwoods (Oklahoma)

The Worst Kind of Flood
"We walked into our two-bedroom suite to be greeted by an awful and overwhelming smell. The carpets in the master bedroom and walk-in closet were wet and filthy. By late afternoon on day two we went to the desk only to be told there was nothing they could do. As I was walking back to my suite another guest approached me and asked what room I was in, she then proceeded to inform me that she overheard the staff at the desk talking about the room that had been flooded from a plugged toilet! Not only were we disgusted and shocked, we were stunned that they would knowingly put us in room with bacteria filled, untreated carpets with our infant and pre-schooler.

Management offered to comp the stay and add on four days if we kept the room and they ripped out the carpet in the closet and treated the bedroom properly. We agreed and then endured three more days of hell. They ripped out the carpet and underlay, leaving us with a dirty, noisy fan to dry the room. Came back to replace the underlay, and then, if you can believe this...brought back the old carpet and put in back in. The smell was enough to make you ill." -Tickedoff (Alberta, Canada)

Pink Slime??
"Our room was appalling. The carpets were very dirty and covered in dark stains, the A/C was loud, the bathroom was nasty, there were chunks missing out of the bath tub, the dirt was pushed to the edges of the bathroom floor and left there, the bath mat was grey in several places, the bathroom walls had really bad water damage that was simply painted over, there was this pink slimy type of mold growing on the bathroom door hinges, there were cigarette burns in the comforters, and a cockroach scurried across the counter when we turned the light on.

I yelled at the poor guy at the front desk as he refunded our credit card and we checked out! We were so disgusted. Our six-year-old son now refers to all [of this chain] as cockroach motels." -April (California)

Work On Your Aim
"When we turned on the A/C it smelled of urine. The next week we got another room there which smelled like a men's room and we asked to be moved to another room. The third room was cleaner but also smelled when we turned the A/C on. We discovered that many people had relieved themselves on the balcony outside the rooms which accounted the stench. My husband commented that they may have been trying to piss into the pool below (needless to say we elected not to swim there). Apparently people were [also] using the walkways as a bathroom." -Sfumato (Las Vegas)

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