Where You Should Have Dinner And Drinks In Las Vegas

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Blow up Your Taste Buds With the Verbena at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Chandelier Bar At Cosmopolitan Verbena Flower Drink
Zeke Quezada

Where will you evening begin for dinner and drinks in Las Vegas? Cocktails before your meal or cocktails after dinner? In Las Vegas you can have a few before and then a few more after.

It’s a flavor explosion along your tongue, in the back of your mouth and on the edge of your comfort zone. You experience everything all at once when you chew on the buzz button and then as you sip on the drink that people often refer to as the flower cocktail your mind is blown by the collision of senses. Salty, savory, sweet and sour seems to take residency in your mouth all at once and the separately.

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The Epicenter of the Meatball at Rao's at Caesars Palace

Meatball at Rao's Las Vegas at Caesars Palace
Zeke Quezada

Meat is always a good thing but meat topped with a rich red sauce and taken down with a giant red wine from the Piedmont region is even better. You can go for the full meal but the experience at the bar  is where it is at. In fact, If you find yourself spending longer than you thought you could socializing at the bar you’ll find that you are not alone. The meatball is a combination of veal, pork and beef and then it is simmered in a sauce that a true fan would put on everything. Rao's deserves your attention for a meal in Las Vegas but he meatball has to be your goal.

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Fried Chicken at a Steak Joint at Delmonico's Las Vegas

Fried Chicken at Delmonico Las Vegas
Zeke Quezada

Dipped in flour and then fried a crunchy consistency that gives way to a juicy package of southern flavors so complete that you find it hard to stop eating. The Fried Chicken at Delmonico’s Las Vegas is among the best on the Las Vegas strip. It is a lunch item and you will be having it at the bar because you’ll want to eat it with your hands. Yes, you can order it in the dining room but it seems a bit rude and disrespectful to the chicken to not grab it with your hands and get intimate with it.

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Sexy Cocktails and the Spicy Fifty at Bound at Cromwell Las Vegas

Cocktails at Bound at The Cromwell Las Vegas
Zeke Quezada

Plenty of people order the Spicy Fifty at Bound at Cromwell Las Vegas but you really need the Lion's Tale because it is more complex and frankly so are you. You don't need a one dimensional refreshing cocktail that makes you feel like everyday is sunshiny bright. Do you? Maybe you do need the Spicy Fifty. The Lion’s Tale is dynamic, it gives you a little yin with your yang. It feels like the end of ski season collides with beach weather. It is the the best of both worlds. It is like feeling good and then feeling great all at once.

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Ceviche and a Secret Affair at STK Las Vegas

Cocktails at STK Las Vegas
Zeke Quezada

There is something tantalizing about a sexy cocktail shared with a special someone in a dimly lit booth accented with good food. Drop that scenario into the atmosphere of STK Las Vegas and it soon becomes a cross between dinner and a club and a destination dinner. The experience is all about the energy in the room and the tantalizing flavors on the table. The ceviche is spiked with a refreshing hint of the ocean and the cocktail is laced with a nod to indiscretions. That combination is the recipe for a very Vegas meal.

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Salty. Savory. Caviar Tacos at Rose.Rabbit.Lie.

Cavier Tacos at Rose. Rabbit.Lie. at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas
Zeke Quezada

Salty morsels of happiness cradled in a small crunchy taco backed with a cocktail and enjoyed while people dance nearby and music fills the room. That is Rose. Rabbit. Lie. at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas. The entire menu will tempt you but seek out the duck confit pasta and the short rib stroganoff. When you are done head into the library for a cocktail in a cozy room that is just right for a little flirting.

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Escargot at Bardot at Aria

Escargo at Bardot Las Vegas at Aria Las Vegas
Zeke Quezada

Fancy French from Michael Mina in a beautiful room that makes you wish you would have worked a little harder in high school French class. Maybe you are not a fan of snails but done correctly you realize that your garden is a lot better of a place when garlic and butter are placed in the equation. Bardot at Aria is a journey between bistro and brasserie with a lot of tasty stops in between.

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Wine And Dine At Aureole Las Vegas

Photo by Zeke Quezada

To rely on liquid calories for energy is not always a good idea in Las Vegas so it's best to find a spot that not only has a splendid array of choices when it comes to food but also a massive collection when it comes to wine. Aureole at Mandalay Bay is that place. Just how many wine bottles are on the premises? at last count over 20,000 but really the only important number is the amount of bottles you will have. The Selection is big enough to find the perfect bottle for you.

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Old Homestead Burger

Burger at Old Homestead at Caesars Palace Las Vegas
Zeke Quezada

How can you argue with 10 ounces of dry aged beef dropped between a brioche bun that has a hint of foie gras that is partnered with duck fat fries and bourbon ketchup.  The beef is seared at 800 degrees in a 50 year old cast iron pan that gives the patty a crusty edge while retaining the lovely middle full of juicy meat flavor. The only decision you have left is whether to pair the burger at Old Homestead with a beer, a cocktail or a big bold glass of red wine.

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Fish And Chips And An Innis And Gunn At Gordon Ramsay Pub

Gordon Ramsay Pub Las Vegas Fish And Chips
Zeke Quezada

Crunchy, salty and so divine that you’ll consider licking your fingers and eating with your hands. Gordon Ramsay Pub and Grill is a place that will not frown on your bar food eating habits even if they have tried to take the pub scene to a more refined level. Go ahead it is socially acceptable to treat good food with respect. If you want to diversify order a side of the bangers and mash (they are not a side dish) but act as if you are just looking for a little authentic pub fare. The beer is the bourbon laced Innis and Gunn that pairs perfectly with everything.

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