Dining on the Delta in Sacramento

Delta King, as seen from The Ziggurat in West Sacramento, California. The building is occupied by California Department of General Services who were very generous in their time in permitting me use their balcony.
J.smith/Wikimedia Commons/CC-BY-SA-3.0

The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta isn't just for boating ​but can offer diners a unique eating experience. Here are ways to enjoy a meal on the water.​

The Delta King 

The Delta King is the premier "on the water" dining experience in Sacramento. They offer a wide variety of both fine and casual dining, with full bars and river views. The Pilothouse is home to a more formal experience, while the Delta Bar and Grill is where you'll find a bit more casual fare.

Hornblower Cruises

Hornblower Cruises offer daily cruises that offer light fare, but also have special events on holidays. Bring the family aboard for a Halloween cruise, or come with a special someone for a New Year's Eve river cruise.

Restaurants on the River

If boating isn't your scene, there are still plenty of riverfront restaurants to enjoy. 

1577 Garden Hwy
Sacramento, CA 95833

This floating barge on the Garden Highway near Natomas features a former airline loading ramp as the entrance. Boaters frequent the establishment over the summer months, but they are open year round to water-loving patrons and those looking for a good time. 

1369 Garden Hwy
Sacramento, CA 95833

Chevy's Tex-Mex is certainly not unique to Sacramento - but the scenery might be. Gorgeous views of the river abound as you enjoy Mexican food either indoors or out.

5871 Garden Hwy
Sacramento, CA 95837

This wild restaurant features live music on its outdoor stage as well as delicious tacos and a full-service bar that's definitely worth the trip. You'll find Swabbie's near the airport practically underneath the I-5 bridge - a totally weird location that just works to further their funky ambiance.