Memphis Restaurants on 'Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives'

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Memphis is no stranger to the Food Network. Our city has been featured on the channel countless times and some Memphians - like the Neely's and Claire Robinson - have even had their own shows.

And why not? Memphis knows good food. It's no wonder, then, that a number of Memphis restaurants have been featured on the Food Network show, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Want to sample the fare that brought Guy Fieri to the Bluff City? Here is the line-up for your eating pleasure. 

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    Marlowe's in Memphis, TN
    Thomas R Machnitzki ( Commons/CC-BY-3.0

    Season 3, Episode 9
    The Memphis BBQ Tour
    Originally aired: May 26, 2008

    4381 Elvis Presley Boulevard
    Memphis, TN 38116
    (901) 332-4159

    Pro tip: Marlowe's is located near Graceland, so plan for a meal at this classic Memphis joint right after you take a tour!

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    Uncle Lou's, Memphis, TN
    Thomas R Machnitzki ( Commons/CC-BY-3.0

    Season 4, Episode 5
    Where the Locals Eat
    Originally aired: August 4, 2008

    Uncle Lou's
    3633 Millbranch Road
    Memphis, TN 38116
    (901) 332-2367

    Fun fact: Gus's World-Famous Fried Chicken may be the place you think of when you think of Memphis fried chicken, but locals swear by the out-of-the-way Uncle Lou's for their sweet 'n' spicy chicken and flaky, buttery biscuits served alongside.

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    Season 3, Episode 9
    The Memphis BBQ Tour
    Originally aired: May 26, 2008

    Tom's BarBQ and Deli
    4087 Getwell Road
    Memphis, TN 38118
    (901) 365-6690

    Recommendation: Try the baby back ribs.

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    Season 3, Episode 9
    The Memphis BBQ Tour
    Originally aired: May 26, 2008

    5465 Fox Plaza Drive
    Memphis, TN 38115

    Fun fact: Leonard's BBQ started off selling sandwiches from stands in 1922 using barbecue prepared in the classic smoked pit-style. Folks also love their ribs.

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    Season 3, Episode 9
    The Memphis BBQ Tour
    Originally aired: May 26, 2008

    Cozy Corner
    745 North Parkway
    Memphis, TN 38105
    (901) 527-9158

    Recommendations: You know Memphis barbecue for its ribs and pulled pork, but the historic Cozy Corner makes this food genre its own by preparing famously tasty, sauce-smothered Cornish game hens as well as barbecue bologna sandwiches. Now that's some TV-worthy eating!

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    Season 3, Episode 7
    American Classics
    Originally aired: May 18, 2008

    Little Tea Shop
    69 Monroe Avenue
    Memphis, TN 38103-2437
    (901) 525-6000

    Recommendations: This place is where the old-school locals get lunch downtown. Expect cozy surroundings, plenty of home-cooked veggies, and their well-known house made cornbread sticks. 

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    Southern Food In Memphis Fried Chicken
    Holly Whitfield

    Season 4, Episode 12
    Traditional Dishes
    Originally aired: November 3, 2008 

    317 N. Main Street
    Memphis, Tennessee 38103
    Phone: (901) 523-0200

    Fun fact: Longtime Alcenia's owner, BJ, is often found in front giving out hugs to friends (and strangers!) stopping in for lunch. 

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    Monday Night Drink Specials In Memphis
    Holly Whitfield

    Season 15
    Flavortown Medley 
    Originally aired: October 1, 2012

    South of Beale
    361 S. Main Street
    Memphis, Tennessee 38103

    Try SOB's craft cocktails, juicy gourmet burgers, and complimentary popcorn. 

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    Season 15
    Originally aired: October 15, 2012

    The Elegant Farmer
    262 S Highland Street
    Memphis, TN 38111 

    Before the farm-to-table restaurant closed, Guy Fieri took advantage of the fresh, Southern-influenced dishes in The Elegant Farmer's cozy East Memphis eatery. 

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    Season 15
    Savory Standouts

    Originally aired: August 20, 2012

    Rizzo's by Michael Patrick

    Delicious, rich dishes and a casual but artistic atmosphere. 

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