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Fans of the the Food Network's popular show Diners, Drive-ins and Dives enjoy watching Guy Fieri cruise his '67 Camaro to unique eateries across the country, sampling culinary favorites of a particular town. But it's special to see him park curbside at a local favorite. He has done so in the Oklahoma City metro area on multiple occasions in fact. Here are those special OKC restaurants featured.

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Cattlemen's Steakhouse

Cattlemen's Steakhouse
Adam Knapp
1309 S Agnew Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73108-2427, USA
Phone +1 405-236-0416

Considered by many, including myself, to be one of the best of Oklahoma City, the historic Cattlemen's Steakhouse was featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives in October of 2009. On the show, Guy Fieri sampled and enjoyed the famous steak but couldn't quite stomach the calf brains and eggs. Not that anyone can blame him, of course.

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The Diner

213 E Main St, Norman, OK 73069-1304, USA
Phone +1 405-329-6642

Norman, Oklahoma's 110-year old, popular and simply-named The Diner was visited by the Food Network's Guy Fieri in 2009 with an early November air date. The show centered on The Diner's award winning-chili fries, burgers, and hot dogs as well as green chili on burritos.

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Eischen's Bar

Eischen's Bar
Adam Knapp
109 S 2nd St, Okarche, OK 73762-8800, USA
Phone +1 405-263-9939

It's a bit of a drive from Oklahoma City, a half hour or so northwest to Okarche, but Eischen's Bar has long been a favorite of metro residents for its relaxed atmosphere and excellent fried chicken, a whole bird served on a square of parchment paper, the simplicity and magnificence of which was explored on a September 2009 episode of Triple D.

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Ingrid's Kitchen

6501 N May Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73116, USA
Phone +1 405-842-4799

Ingrid's Kitchen, known by Oklahoma City residents as the place to go in the metro for authentic and delicious German cuisine, appeared on the Food Network program in February of 2010. Featured were the fresh baked bread, Reuben sandwich, and schnitzel.

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Leo's BBQ

Outside of Leo's BBQ
 olekinderhook/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY 3.0
3631 N Kelley Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73111, USA
Phone +1 405-424-5367

You can't make the Food Network rounds through the Oklahoma City area without featuring some barbecue, and the honor goes to Leo's BBQ, a metro favorite since the mid-1970s. Leo's ribs and sauce were the stars of Guy's summer 2007 visit to the former gas station at 36th and Kelley.

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Mama E's Wings and Waffles

4500 S Sunnylane Rd, Oklahoma City, OK 73135-2100, USA
Phone +1 405-424-0800

If there's a more well-defined and interesting restaurant name in the metro, we're not sure what it is. The southern "soul food" style of Mama E's Wings and Waffles highlighted a July 2009 episode of the Food Network series, with Guy Fieri trying the powdered sugar-dusted wings and the butter-covered waffles. Unfortunately, the restaurant was also featured on another Food Network show a few years later, Restaurant Impossible.

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Nic's Grill

Burger and fries from Nic's
H.L.I.T./Flickr/CC BY 2.0 
1201 N Pennsylvania Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73107-5640, USA
Phone +1 405-524-0999

Nic's has the best burger in OKC, something host Guy Fieri found out for himself when visiting the tiny metro diner near 10th and Penn on an August 2009 episode.

Other Oklahoma Restaurants Featured

If you've already checked out all the metro area restaurants featured on the show, it's time to hit the road for a couple more within the state of Oklahoma.

Have you seen the Pixar film ​Cars? If so, you might already know that the filmmakers visited The Rock Cafe on Route 66 in Stroud while researching for the movie. The restaurant's owner is said to have been an inspiration for the Sally character, and Guy Fieri checked the place out for himself in season 2.

A bit further up Route 66 is Clanton's Cafe in Vinita, Oklahoma. The chicken fried steak was a highlight of another season 2 episode.

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