Digital Detox In Las Vegas

What Happens Here Stays Here, So Put The Phone Away

Getting away to Las Vegas should be an opportunity to turn it off and check out from the rest of the world. After all, what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas, right? You have heard about #WHHSH, What Happens Here Stays Here? Well, turn off your phone and put away that computer and check out with these ideas for a complete digital detox.

Nobody has to know anything.

Getting away from it all in Las Vegas is exactly what it feels like when you decide to keep your Vegas secret to yourself.  Your boss will never know that you ignored all of those important messages as long as you are busy turning it off.

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Kickstart The Detox At Sweat 60 Circuit Training at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Sweat 60 at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas
Zeke Quezada

Sweat 60 at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas is the best way to begin your detox. No need for any electronic equipment at the 60 minute Boot Camp workout that will have you sweating and on your way to a day of rejuvenation. Circuit training and positive vibes as you incorporate various modes of exercise to kickstart your workout regimen or to just keep you in your happy place.

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Get In A Soak At The Cosmopolitan Spa

Sahra Spa and Hammam at Csompolitan Las Vegas
Zeke Quezada

Cosmopolitan Spa soak treatments are just right for you to slip into the complete distraction of relaxation. After your body is scrubbed with skin pleasing salts you drop into a warm bath that escorts all forms of stress right out of your body. After your soak you are then treated to a cleansing massage that extracts any and all stress inducing toxins right out of your body. You don’t need any more help with the detoxing but if you want a bit more relaxation spend a few minutes in the steam room or the wet sauna.

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Lunch At Tableau Defines Elegant Relaxation

 Courtesy of Wynn Las Vegas

A long leisurely lunch at Tableau at Wynn is just right to help you with the  need to feel relaxed. The  room is bright with positive energy  from the Wynn pool and the menu is refreshing and light. The classy feeling you get when you enter Wynn Las Vegas is doubled in this elegant yet comfortable dining room. 

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Pictures of Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas

Sandstone at Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas
Zeke Quezada

Red Rock canyon is right for the elimination of technological noise in your life. Take a long hike to a spot with a view or find a quiet canyon to gather your thoughts. This canyon is a world away from stereotypical Las Vegas but it is a mere 25 minute drive away from the strip. Take some time to listen to what silence sounds like.

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Bellagio Gallery of Fine Arts in Las Vegas

Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art Las Vegas
Zeke Quezada

The art at BGFA is enough to elevate your thought process and help you forget about that blinking light on your smartphone. Walk through the quaint gallery and take your Vegas vacation to a more sophisticated level. Plan your visit correctly and you'll get there when they pair art with wine.

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Le Cirque Will Reset Your Senses

Le Cirque at Bellagio Las Vegas
Zeke Quezada

Fine dining on a trip where you decide to check out can only be accented with a great meal at Le Cirque. Put away your phone because you don’t need to take any pictures of the food or tweet your latest status update while enjoying this meal. The experience is life altering.

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Late Night Cocktails Long After Your Phone Battery has Died

Cocktails at Bound at The Cromwell Las Vegas
Zeke Quezada

Late night cocktails at Bound at the Cromwell Hotel will help you ease the pain of missing all of those emails that you have ignored while in Las Vegas. Grab a seat at the bar and have the mixologist do their part to help you detoxify your life.

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Great Music At The Smith Center

Photo by Geri Kodey

A good concert is really what your soul needs. Sit back and take in the music at the Smith Center and allow your body to feel the music coming from the orchestra. Feel the passion the musicians have. Allow the setting to evoke an emotion.

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The Cactus Garden At Ethel M Chocolate Factory Will Sweeten Up Relaxation

 Courtesy of Ethel M Chocolates

Take a stroll through the cactus garden at Ethel M Chocolate factory and leave your phone in your pocket. You don’t need a selfie with a large prickly cactus. Instead breathe in the fresh air and read as much as possible about the flora and fauna of the Southwest.

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Saunter With Some Art At Aria Las Vegas

Courtesy of Aria Resort & Casino 

If you have some headphones, put them in your ears and put on some good music. Imagine a gallery where you could sing out loud as you appreciated the art. The Fine art collection in and around Aria is just like that. Close your eyes and you can be just about anywhere. You are in Las Vegas and the art is so impressive you will change your mind about why you come to sin city.

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