Run Bulldozers and Excavators in Vegas at Dig This

An excavator at Dig This with the buildings of the Las Vegas strip in the background
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Play on Bulldozers and Diggers in an Adult Sandbox

Kids can play with toy bulldozers and excavators in a sandbox, but there is a place in Las Vegas, Nevada where adults get to spend a half or full day using real bulldozers and excavators to dig ditches, move rocks, and build roads.

Bored of gambling in casinos and want to bet your friends who can build a road or dig a deep hole faster? You can feel the power of a CAT 312 excavator when you move one-ton rocks at Dig This.

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Learn to Operate Heavy Machinery

Start off your day at Dig This with an orientation from the owner, New Zealander Ed Mumm. He will demonstrate how bulldozers and excavators work, which gives you the opportunity to understand the fundamentals of how the equipment will handle before ever stepping foot on the machine. After this quick introduction, you're taken outside to the climb onto the real equipment for a safety and training briefing. Then, the real fun begins!

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Indulge Your Inner Child

A day at Dig This definitely makes a great present for the big kid in your life—you know, the one who still dreams of working on a construction site, moving tons of rock and dirt each day. At Dig This, they can operate a CAT D5G bulldozer to build a huge pile of dirt before sliding down the far side.

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Play in the Dirt, Rain or Shine

Dig This is open year-round and in any weather, so whenever your travels take you to Vegas, you can learn to build a road, dig a hole, or create just about anything else you can dream up. The aim of Dig This is to give visitors an opportunity to drive professional construction equipment while they learn about how each piece of machinery works and the role it plays on the construction site. 

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Feel Empowered

Even people who would never imagine themselves handling the heavy equipment one sees while passing road-building projects on highways will be twirling the cab around in 360s and picking up one-ton rocks at Dig This—and totally enjoying themselves. Think for a minute how it feels to move heavy stones around your yard to create a rock garden—then, imagine doing the very same thing on a much grander scale, while using a machine to accomplish all of the hard work. 

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How to Plan Your Trip

Playtime here isn't cheap, but it's so much fun. The fee includes orientation, safety instruction, and 2-3 hours of operating time. When you need a break from from Las Vegas glitz, visit the Dig This website or call 888-DIG-THIS.

For a really unique vacation, try the Excavate and Exfoliate Package, which includes time at Dig This, two hotel nights, and a spa treatment. Dig This also offers Corporate Team Building programs, too, so you can enjoy playing in the dirt at your next corporate retreat.

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