Dick's Last Resort at the Excalibur Hotel Las Vegas

If you love rude, nasty and rowdy, you'll love Dick's

Dick's Last Resort Las Vegas
Insults and Beer at Dick's Last Resort in Las Vegas. Zeke Quezada

Las Vegas is the type of vacation destination where rules get broken and inhibitions get lost so it is no surprise that Dick's Last Resort has been open for so long. While the food is average the entertainment provided by the staff and servers is very much an experience that fits well on the Las Vegas strip. Watch a game with a beer and some offending comments or have a meal with your family where you have to explain what a vulgar comment is to your children.

Location: Excalibur Hotel & Casino
3850 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89109-6778

Phone: (702) 597-7991

Cuisine: BBQ and big laughs

Reservations: Not Required

Price Range: $10 - $25 per person

Hours: Daily 11 am until late

Attire: Very Casual/comfortable

What It’s like at Dick’s Last Resort

Dick’s is like that place you stopped at while traveling across the country, you remember the place, the food was decent but the wait staff was hilarious. Imagine the rude, outrageous and very close to vulgar things that make you laugh and you’ll find them at Dick’s Last Resort. You get big laughs and large portions served by some very rude, outrageous and close to vulgar people. This place is a blast!

Beware of the hats that they make for people. At my table the hats read, “please call child protective services” on my son, my wife’s hat read “they are real and my boyfriend paid for them” and my slogan was borderline of what can be printed on these pages. Rude behavior, shocking statements, and genuine nastiness are exactly what you'll get and you'll love it. You’ll have plenty of fun at Dick’s at the Excalibur.

The Food at Dick’s Last Resort

I had the pork bonerz and was impressed with the idea of that much pork on something that looked like a rib but did not contain a rib bone. When I asked what the boner was I was rudely shot down. I laughed about it so I must have been having a great time. The drunken shrimp, peel and eat shrimp, went well with a big mug of one of the 16 beers they have on tap. I can’t remember exactly what beer it was because it was selected for me after taking too long to order. My wife ordered Dick’s pulled pig and liked the tasty pork meat between two buns.

If you’re not into greasy you might have a problem with this place because it is about enjoying yourself. Sometimes having fun includes eliminating the need to count calories.

This is the loudest place in Las Vegas to have a burger and a beer. If you sit at the bar, the entire restaurant will seem like it is about to explode.

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