Devil's Slide (Grey Whale Cove) Nude Beach, California

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    Devil's Slide Nude Beach

    Grey Whale Cove at High Tide
    ••• Grey Whale Cove at High Tide. Tom Hoppa/Flickr/(CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

    In the past, Devil's Slide Beach has also been known as Grey Whale Cove or Edun (nude spelled backward) Cove. The name Devil's Slide comes from the landslides that frequently closed the highway nearby before the new tunnels were constructed.

     Since 2001, the beach has been run by the California state parks system. So far, they have not enforced the park system's nudity regulations like they do in other locations, but that could change. A quick search for "devil's slide beach nudity" before you go may be a good precaution.


    • 300-yard-long sandy beach bounded by two hills
    • Very clean
    • Best in September and October, chilly the rest of year
    • Lots of wildlife, even an occasional great white shark

    Who's at Devil's Slide Beach

    The number of textile visitors is increasing, and nude sunbathers tend to gather at the north end. Gawkers can be a problem.

    Devil's Slide Beach Facilities

    Restrooms are available. Fires not allowed and dogs not permitted.

    Devil's...MORE Slide Beach Activities

    Sunbathing, whale watching. Swimming not recommended

    More Nude Beaches Close to Devil's Slide

    You can also go to  San Gregorio Beach, a privately-run nude beach about 10 miles north of Devil's Slide or visit San Francisco County Nude Beaches., Santa Cruz County Nude Beaches, or even  Marin County Nude Beaches.

    Nudity Laws and Devil's Slide Beach

    Devil's Slide is a state park, which has ​its own set of rules and regulation about public nudity.

    You can get a rundown on San Mateo County nudity laws in general by scrolling to the bottom of this page about San Mateo County nude beaches.

    Nude or naturist beach neophytes, please be respectful of others and read the Nude Beach and Topless Beach Etiquette guidelines before you go to a nude beach.

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    Devil's Slide Beach Reviews and Rating

    Grey Whale Cove at Low Tide
    ••• Grey Whale Cove at Low Tide. Daniel Trump/Flickr/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

    The Bay Guardian newspaper gives Devil's Slide a grade of "A, " and our readers seem to like it, too.

    What Our Readers Have to Say

    Gray Whale Cove

    Was there this past May for the Bay to Breakers. Now the temp that weekend was around 100. and nothing but blue sky. So since I flew out from NC I really had nothing to do so I gave it a try. That beach is AWESOME sand and water cooler not bad For San Mateo County. Water was chilly but so what go for it. The thing is I use to live in Pacifica, SSF , and Belmont and never knew. I guess I lived a sheltered life.

    — outerbanksguy

    Rating Devil's Slide Beach for Clothing Optional Recreation

    We polled more than 6,700 of our readers to find out which San Mateo County nude beach they like best. 62% voted for Grey Whale and 28% for San Gregorio.

    When we asked them to rate Gray Whale Cove, 45% rated it excellent and 14% said is was good, but with a few flaws.

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    Getting to Devil's Slide Beach

    San Mateo County Beaches
    ••• San Mateo County Beaches. Adapted from Google Maps

    If you want an interactive version of the map above, would like to convert to a close-up satellite map that shows the beaches and trails or need driving directions, use our San Mateo County Beach map at Google.

    Driving Directions

    The beach is just off CA Hwy 1 south of San Francisco and north of Half Moon Bay

    You can find it by watching the mileage markers if you know how. It's between milepost 37.7 and 38.06. Find out how to interpret a California milepost marker

    If you're driving south on CA Hwy 1 from San Francisco and Pacifica, Devil's Slide Beach is just south of the Devil's Slide tunnels. There's a ruined building on top of the cliff just before you get there. The parking lot is on the left side of the road where an unmarked road goes uphill.

    If you're driving north on CA Hwy 1 from Half Moon Bay, the parking lot is on the right, shortly after you pass Telephone Call Box number SM 1 375. It's 1.2 miles north of La Costanera restaurant, which used to be...MORE called the Chart House.


    Parking lot on the east side of CA Hwy 1 and it is open from from 8:00 a.m. to sunset

    After the tunnels were built, there is a second parking lot just south of the tunnel, but it's too far from the trail that goes down to the beach. Use the parking area described below instead.

    Walking from Parking Lot to the Beach

    Cross CA Hwy 1 and look for the gate (see picture on the next page), using EXTREME care when crossing the highway and walking beside it.

    Follow the paved driveway downhill to the entrance.

    A 146-step wooden staircase leads to the sand.

    Once you get there, you'll your fellow naturists at the north end, past rocks that separate it from the rest of the beach. It's easiest to get there when the tide is low.