Closest Thrill Rides and Extreme Sports to Detroit

Dune riding, White-Water Rapids, Rock Climbing and Sphering

If you like to live dangerously and are happiest with a certain amount of adrenaline in your system, then check out the closest thrill rides and extreme sports to Detroit.

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    People in ATV dune buggies, Sleeping Bear Dunes National Seashore, Michigan
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    Where: Several locations throughout Michigan
    Cost: Start at $75

    The northern part of the state is rife with ATV trails, so all you need is an ATV.

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    Where: Boyne Highlands, Michigan
    Cost: Starts at $75

    Take a tour of the Boyne Highland property on a sled pulled by the Iditarod sled dogs of Nature's Kennel. The sled will accommodate two-to-three people.

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    Dune Buggies and Off-Road Vehicles

    Where: Silver Lake Sand Dunes on the west coast of Michigan
    Cost: Starts at $16 an adult for a tour and $95 for a vehicle rental

    Whatever your pleasure, there is a way to experience an off-road adventure on Silver Lake Sand Dunes. You can let someone else drive in a guided tour via Mac Wood's Dune Rides or take the plunge and drive yourself. Parrot's Landing will let you drive your own jeep in a guided caravan. Alternatively, you can rent a dune buggy through Silver Lake Buggys.

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    Where: Throughout Michigan
    Cost: Starts at around $15

    We may not have rocky orifices and sheer cliffs in the Metro-Detroit area, but we have several businesses throughout Detroit and Michigan that cater to indoor rock climbing.  Whether as training for outdoor climbing or as an interesting and fun form of exercise, indoor rock climbing is a safe alternative to that other sport. 

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    Where: Michigan and Ohio
    Cost: Starts at $26 for Michigan's Adventure and $45.99 (adult) at Cedar Point

    The two closest amusement parks to the Metro-Detroit area are:

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    Whirlpool Jet Boat Tour

    Where: Niagara on the Lake, Ontario, Canada
    Cost: Starts at $59 an adult

    Part roller coaster, part water ride, the Whirlpool Jet Boat Tour takes you through class IV rapids in a flat-bottomed jet boat. There are two tour options available: open boat or enclosed. You’ll get plenty wet on the open-boat ride.

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    Where: Indianapolis, Indiana
    Cost: Starts at $180

    Go along for the ride in a 2001 Pitts aerobatic biplane for barrel rolls, tail slides and spins.

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    Where: Howell and Mackinaw City
    Cost: Starts at $7 per person

    A Zip Line is just part of the adventure at these locations:

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    Zorbing or Sphering

    Where: Mt. Brighton
    Cost: $28.50 per person as of 2006

    In 2006, Robert Pelon of Northville opened the first sphere (or Zorb as it is known abroad) ride in the USA. Akin to a 12 foot hamster ball, the ride's outer shell is made out of PVC. An inner sphere insures riders are either secured in a harness and cushioned with air or riding a wave in water to prevent unnecessary bumps and bruises as the ball careens down a hillside.

    Note: While Sphere USA gave rides at Mt. Brighton in 2006 and 2007, the corporation is no longer listed as existing in Michigan.

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