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deTraci Regula
••• Above Messara Bay, Crete, Greece. deTraci Regula

DeTraci Regula has always been fascinated with ancient and modern Greece, the homeland of her Thracian ancestors. DeTraci's passionate interest in the history, art, and mythology of Greece drives her to spend several months traveling in Greece each year, helping her readers find the best "secret" destinations, avoid unexpected travel pitfalls, and fall in love with Greece. Her Greek philosophy? "It's always a great time to go to Greece!"


Professional Experience: DeTraci has written hundreds of articles on various places in Greece and related subjects for newspapers and magazines including "The Asian Journal", "Griekenland Magazine", "Epikouria", "The Real Greek Islands Magazine", "The European", "International Living", "Tour Egypt", "Dining Out", "The San Diego Union Tribune", and many others. "Good Housekeeping" has quoted her on Greek souvenirs and she was interviewed on disabled access in Greece by "Abilities" magazine. Her section on Modern Greece was included in the award-winning college textbooks "The History Highway" and the "European History Highway". She has been the Greece guide at for over ten years, and spends two to three months traveling in Greece each year - but it's never enough.


deTraci aka D.R.Regula studied Fine Arts including Pre-Historic Greek Art at the University of California at Irvine, where she was especially fascinated with the uses and meanings of ancient Greek votive artifacts from the Cycladic Islands.

deTraci Regula

From deTraci Regula: "I love Greece and my goal is to share the best and most unusual Greek destinations with my readers. Whether its your first trip or your fifteenth, I want you to find what you need in my site. And remember, you can always email me with news of your own Grecian adventures, discoveries, and trip stories."

You can follow deTraci on Twitter at #gogreeceguide and find her on Linked In and other places on line, or by email at She is a travel contributor to Black Chalk magazine, the San Diego Union, and also writes for the Sonoma County Gazette from her perch in Geyserville, California where she operates a retreat center and small zoo. She leads small group tours to Greece and many other places throughout the world.

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