5 Destinations to Inspire Solo Travel

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    5 Destinations to Inspire Solo Travel

    Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

    Embracing travel when you have no one to travel with can put some people off exploring new countries and destinations, and although a solo trip does require certain preparations, many of the most magical travel memories come for those who do choose to seize the day and make that journey. However, there are certain places where being a solo traveler tends to be more enjoyable than others, and here are five destinations where the solo traveler can relax and enjoy the amazing experiences on offer there.

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    Moyan Brenn

    The French capital of Paris has a wealth of sightseeing and activities to enjoy, and for even the most weathered of travelers there is enough beautiful architecture and culture to keep someone busy for weeks. Whether it is exploring the artistic treasures of the Louvre or strolling along the banks of the Seine and watching Parisian life go by, there are many words that can describe Paris, but dull certainly isn't one of them. The city is often busy with a range of events held there throughout the year, while those looking to enjoy the scenery can rent a bicycle cheaply and either explore by themselves or join one of the organized cycling tours of the city.

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    Göran Höglund

    The country that is famous for using 'Gross National Happiness' as a measure of its success is definitely one of the friendliest countries in the world to visit, and while many people may not be wealthy, they truly are welcoming. Whether you choose to explore the wonderful historic monasteries and dzong fortresses or go hiking into the amazing scenery of the Himalayas, a visit to Bhutan is truly unique. The limits on the number of people visiting the country and the agreement to join a tour group does mean that solo travelers will usually meet other like minded visitors who come to enjoy the wonderful surroundings and the sights. 

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    Emmanuel DYAN

    The Austrian capital is another popular destination for solo travelers, and offers a wide range of different sights to visit, and has plenty of attractions to keep the visitor busy for an extended trip. The culture of enjoying food in Vienna means that it is a feast for the taste buds as well as a cultural feast, and many of the dishes the city is famous for, such as the bratwurst sausages can be bought from stands on the street to be eaten. The city is also famous for its markets, which will allow visitors to interact with the locals as they browse their wares, while the bustling streets become very busy when the Christmas Markets begin in November.

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    Costa Rica


    This Central American country is one that has long been on the bucket list of backpackers heading out to explore the world, and over recent decades it has become a haven for those who love nature tourism. Along with excellent activities such as hiking and birdwatching that are naturally good for solo travelers, there are also plenty of ways to meet new people, such as joining group surfing lessons or going horseback riding. Peaceful and welcoming with a wonderful climate and stunning beaches, Costa Rica is genuinely a tourist gem. 

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    Dimitry B.

    This spectacular South American country is one that is attractive both for the amazing scenery and outdoor experiences that can be enjoyed there and for the friendly nature of the people in the country. Spanning nearly four thousand miles of Pacific coastline, there are many parts of the country that have a wealth of activities that are great for solo travelers, from sea kayaking and skiing through to the excellent hiking in Chilean Patagonia. The country also has a long history of hosting backpackers and solo travelers, and whether you are looking to meet like minded people in Santiago or heading out to the wilderness to get in touch with nature, Chile has a great experience for you.