Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, Arizona

Locals and Visitors Alike Love the Garden

Located in Papago Park, not far from Downtown Phoenix, you'll find a local treasure actually declared a Phoenix Point of Pride. It is the Desert Botanical Garden. You'll be amazed at the beauty and colors of the desert!

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    Desert Botanical Garden is a garden, hiking trails and a museum all rolled up into one exquisite package. Locals and visitors alike flock to the garden all year long to enjoy and learn about the unique plants and trees of deserts around the world.
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    The Garden is a favorite destination of mine, because it so beautifully showcases the unique flora of the desert. If you haven't been to Desert Botanical Garden before, here are a few tips to read before you jump into the vehicle and head down the road.
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    Most people drive to Desert Botanical Garden. Parking is free. Here's how you get there. Public transportation is available by bus.

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    If you are looking for that gift for yourself or for someone else that simply oozes "Arizona" you are sure to find something at the gift shop here. They also sell cacti and plants.
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    Photo provided courtesy of Desert Botanical Garden

    Every year, from February through June, you've got something to do on Friday nights. Enjoy music from local musicians and bands covering a wide variety of genres in the beautiful Desert Botanical Garden setting. See the schedule here.


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    Here are some hotels and motels in the central and northern part of the City of Phoenix that are convenient to the Desert Botanical Garden. If you want to be closer to Downtown Phoenix, try these. If you'd rather be closer to Downtown Scottsdale, try these. Papago Park, where the Garden is located, is right in the center of these three areas.

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    When the holidays come around, one of the most popular tickets -- yes, they do sell out -- is Las Noches de las Luminarias at Desert Botanical Garden. The cool winter evenings are transformed by luminarias placed along the walking paths while patrons enjoy music, food and beverages. It's a sophisticated, beautiful holiday experience.
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    Video: A Visit to DBG

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    Get a glimpse of what you'll see and do on a visit to the Desert Botanical Garden, or DBG.
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