Why You Need to Follow the US Department of the Interior on Instagram

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    A love affair with America the Beautiful

    Instagram: @USInterior/Roman Iacobucci

    Whether you're planning a national park vacation or you simply love ogling America's epic gorgeousness, you should be following @USInterior on Instagram. With over half a million adoring followers, the amazing feed of the Department of the Interior offers consistently mindblowing photography that will inspire your family's next Great Outdoors adventure—perhaps to a place you'd never considered before, like Oregon's Warner Wetlands. 

    Caption: The sky is ablaze with color during #sunset at #WarnerWetlands. The 52,000-acre Warner Wetlands is home to lakes surrounds by the high desert along the base of #HartMountain in southeastern #Oregon. This wetlands habitat is critical for the thousands of migrating birds, fish and many other #wildlife species. Warner Wetlands is an ideal location for bird watching, fishing, camping and boating. Photo by Roman Iacobucci, BLM (@mypubliclands).

    Follow me on Instagram at @SuzanneKelleher.

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    Give us a home where the buffalo roam

    Instagram: @USInterior/Kadek Susanto

    Wow! @USInterior hits it out of the park with this incredible capture at Wind Cave National Park.

    Caption: An amazing pic of a #fullmoon and a #bison at Wind Cave #NationalPark in #SouthDakota. One of America's oldest national parks, #WindCave is home to bison, elk and other #wildlife that roam the rolling prairie grasslands and forested hillsides of the park. Kadek Susanto captured this photo the day after the #lunareclipse just as the moon was rising over the prairie. To make the moon appear so large, Kadek used a 400mm lens with a 2x extender. Photo courtesy of Kadek Susanto.

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    The Aurora Borealis lights up the sky over Denali

    Instagram: @USInterior/National Park Service

    @USInterior posted this amazing shot of the Aurora Borealis over Denali in March.

    Caption: The #northernlights put on a spectacular show last night—visible as far south as Michigan and Maine caused by an intense geomagnetic storm. Kent Miller captured this great shot of the #auroraborealis dancing over #Denali National Park in #Alaska. #NationalPark Service photo.

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    Baby owls slay us with cuteness

    Instagram: @USInterior/Katie McVey

    These impossibly adorable baby owls garnered over 28.5K likes for @USInterior.

    Caption: This pic of the baby burrowing #owls at #BearRiver Migratory Bird Refuge in northern #Utah is one of our most popular—with more than 5,000 commenting on the photo by Katie McVey, @USFWS.

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    The sun paints the Joshua Tree desert

    Instagram: @USInterior/Manish Mamtani

    Behold the true colors of Joshua Tree National Park@USInterior wrote this caption back in February, but as luck would have it, entry is free at national parks on these other dates, too.

    Caption: This weekend, have some fun in the great outdoors with free entry to America’s public lands, like #JoshuaTree #NationalPark in #California (pictured here). All weekend, entrance fees will be waived for national parks, wildlife refuges and other public lands in celebration of Presidents Day. Photo @joshuatreenps by Manish Mamtani (www.sharetheexperience.org).

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    The Milky Way offers a Rocky Mountain high five

    Instagram: @USInterior/Pat Gaines

    @USInterior on Instagram: The stars put on a dreamy show at Rocky Mountain National Park

    Caption: A stunning shot of the #MilkyWay rising over #RockyMountain #NationalPark’s Longs Peak. At 14,259 feet, #LongsPeak towers above all other summits in @RockyNPS. The flat-topped monarch is seen from almost anywhere in the park. Photo by Pat Gaines (www.sharetheexperiece.org).

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    Playful baby bears are Instagram gold

    Instagram: @USInterior/Mary Gretchen Kaplan

    Baby bears in Alaska? Be still, our hearts.

    Caption: Here's some serious cute for your morning: Two #bear cubs holding paws at Lake Clark #NationalPark in #Alaska#LakeClark is home to a diverse population of #wildlife, including #brownbears. During the summer months, it's common for visitors to see a gathering of #bears along Lake Clark's Cook Inlet. Photo by Mary Gretchen Kaplan (www.sharetheexperience.org).

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    The Milky Way illuminates the Wave

    Instagram: @USInterior/Max Seigal

    This spellbinding shot from @USInterior captures two amazing phenomena, the Wave and the Milky Way, together naturally.

    Caption: Located on the #ColoradoPlateau in northern #Arizona, Vermilion Cliffs #NationalMonument is a geologic treasure. This remote and unspoiled monument contains 280,000 acres of diverse landscapes—including the colorful, swirling stone of #theWave (pictured here). For more stunning pics of the Wave and other parts of #VermilionCliffs, check out our @stellerstories at www.steller.com/interior. Photo of the Wave with the #MilkyWay shining overhead by Max Seigal (www.sharetheexperience.org).

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    DC's Tidal Basin is blooming fabulous

    Instagram: @USInterior/Andrew S. Geraci

    @USInterior shows why everyone needs to see DC in cherry-blossom season.

    Caption: Peak bloom has arrived on the #TidalBasin, and it is gorgeous. Over the weekend, the #cherryblossoms on the #NationalMall and Memorial Parks in Washington, #DC, reached their peak. Photo of the cherry blossoms and the #WashingtonMonument by Andrew S. Geraci (@drewgiggity).

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    At night, Halema‘uma‘u explodes in dayglo

    Instagram: @USInterior/Janice Wei

    This @USInterior shot captures the seemingly flourescent yet natural glow at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

    Caption: The 333,086-acre #Hawaii #Volcanoes National Park reveals steam vents, lava flows, summits and rift zones of two of the world's most active volcanoes. Pictured here is a stunning night shot of Halema‘uma‘u, which has been erupting continuously for seven years. #NationalPark Service photo by Janice Wei. 

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    Colorado's sand dunes are a sledding playground. (Say what?)

    Instagram: @USInterior/Eric Magayne

    Colorado is home to North America's tallest dunes. Who knew?

    Caption: Home to a diverse landscape of forests, grasslands and the tallest #dunes in North America, Great Sand Dunes #NationalPark in #Colorado is a great place explore & stay active. With no designated trails in the sand, visitors can hike or sand sled throughout the park's entire 30 square mile dunefield. Photo of a #doublerainbow over the dunefields by Eric Magayne (www.sharetheexperience.org). #WorldHealthDay #getoutdooors