Denver Gay Bathhouses and Sex Clubs Guide

Denver Swim Club

Andrew Collins

Denver—a city with an eclectic gay nightlife scene that includes more than a dozen gay bars in several different neighborhoods—has a pair of venues where gay guys can meet up for a more intimate encounter: Midtowne Spa and Denver Swim Club. While Midtowne Spa is more popular due to its close proximity to downtown, either club is a great destination if you're looking for a night of adults-only fun.

Before you head to one of these two great gay sex clubs, also be sure to check out the Denver Gay Nightlife Guide for ideas on where to go out dancing, socializing, and meeting other gay guys.

Midtowne Spa

Located in the Lower Highlands (LoHi) neighborhood just northwest of downtown, Midtowne Spa (2935 Zuni Street, 303-458-8902) is part of the extensive national brand of Midtowne bathhouses that has outposts in Dallas, Houston, ​Milwaukee, and three areas around greater Los Angeles. While the LoHi neighborhood used to be slightly out-of-the-way for casual visitors, it's become one of the city's trendiest areas for nightlife and entertainment.

Like other typical gay bathhouses, Midtowne Spa is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, it's different from other gay adult clubs in that it's rather large and located in a historic brick building. Midtowne Spa is also a short cab ride or drive from downtown and within walking distance of several chain hotels (Residence Inn Denver Downtown, Hampton Inn & Suites Denver-Speer Boulevard, and Budget Host Inn), so it's relatively easy to get to from anywhere in the city.

Midtowne Spa stages live shows a couple of times a week, and all sorts of themed events are held at different times of the month. Themes and special events include "sun worshipper" specials, adult play parties, leather nights, military specials (with discounts for all active duty, reserves, and retired military) as well as twink nights and gatherings of the Front Range Bears.

This place is very popular with all types, pretty much regardless of what's going on, but especially on weekends. Fun features include a jail cell, dungeon, and a good-size enclosed outdoor area with hot tub, plus the usual amenities like steam rooms, a sauna, booths, and private rooms.

Membership prices are very reasonable, but if you're in town for just a night, you can simply rent a locker for your things and pay a small entry fee to spend as much time here as you want. However, entry prices are cheapest late on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights.

Denver Swim Club

While not quite as popular as Midtowne Spa—mostly due to its location five miles east of the city center on Colfax Avenue—the Denver Swim Club (6923 E. Colfax Avenue, 303-322-4023) is still extremely popular among the local crowds and has been a fixture of the city's gay bathhouse scene for many years.

One big advantage of being located outside of the expensive downtown area is that cheaper real estate means bigger venues. Denver Swim Club is a whopping 10,000 square feet in size, so you won't quickly run out of fun places to explore and meet new friends. The outdoor grounds are quite nice, and recent renovations to the interior have also updated the overall vibe of the club.

DSC draws all types but generally has a reputation for being a bit less stand-and-model than Midtowne Spa. However, since health and fitness is a big priority to a lot of gay men in Denver, you'll often find modelesque guys no matter what part of the city you're visiting.

The club has both outdoor and indoor pools, and there's also an indoor hot tub, private rooms with slings, porn video arcades, a dark and cruise-y area called the Caves, and a steam room to enjoy. Rates are pretty comparable to Midtowne Spa, although each of these places has specials and deals at any given time that can make one more affordable than the other.

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