Denver FM Radio Stations

Tune in to Some Tunes

Tim Jackson/WireImage/Getty Images

Although video may have killed the radio star, tuning into the radio still helps ease long commutes. Many radio stations in Denver also offer online streaming, so fans can tune in while at work. All the radio stations listed here are free, but subscription radio such as SIRIUS XM Satellite Radio is also available in the Denver market.

Even in the age of apps such as Pandora and Spotify, radio still holds a place on the dial.

According to a June 2014 study by the National Association of Broadcasters, radio airplay is the number one driver of song sales, and radio airplay also makes the life cycle of a song last longer.

"This study highlights clearly the enormous value that radio airplay provides in promoting music and generating music sales," said Dennis Wharton, executive vice President of communications for NAB. "Local radio remains the premiere platform for exposing new music and generating sales for record labels."

Denver, CO Area FM Radio Stations

FrequencyCallsignFormatDistanceCity of License
88.1 FMKVODClassical15.1 milesLakewood, CO
88.5 FMKGNUPublic Radio20.9 milesBoulder, CO
89.3 FMKUVOJazz15.1 milesDenver, CO
89.5 FMKILE 50.8 milesWoodland Park, CO
90.1 FMKCFRPublic Radio15.1 milesDenver, CO
90.7 FMKGUDClassical35.8 milesLongmont, CO
90.7 FMKENCPublic Radio52.7 milesEstes Park, CO
91.1 FMKLDVChristian Contemporary15.7 milesMorrison, CO
92.1 FMKJMNSpanish Adult Hits24.0 milesCastle Rock, CO
92.5 FMKWOFCountry25.8 milesBroomfield, CO
93.3 FMKTCLAlternative14.4 milesWheat Ridge, CO
93.9 FMKCHS-LP 5.1 milesAurora, CO
93.9 FMKCWAChristian Contemporary54.2 milesLoveland, CO
93.9 FMKETO-LP 5.1 milesAurora, CO
94.7 FMKRKSReligious31.5 milesLafayette, CO
95.7 FMKPTTRhythmic CHR14.4 milesDenver, CO
96.5 FMKXPKRegional Mexican27.9 milesEvergreen, CO
97.3 FMKBCOAdult Alternative21.6 milesBoulder, CO
97.7 FMKDOH-LP 11.2 milesGolden, CO
97.7 FMKSJLOff the Air40.8 milesStrasburg, CO
98.5 FMKYGOCountry27.9 milesDenver, CO
99.5 FMKQMTClassic Rock3.7 milesDenver, CO
100.3 FMKIMNHot AC14.0 milesDenver, CO
101.1 FMKOSISoft Adult Contemporary3.7 milesDenver, CO
101.5 FMKJHMRhythmic Oldies54.5 milesStrasburg, CO
101.9 FMKXWAChristian Contemporary24.0 milesCentennial, CO
102.1 FMKGRESpanish Tropical31.5 milesEstes Park, CO
102.3 FMKVOQSports14.4 milesGreenwood Village, CO
103.5 FMKRFXClassic Rock14.4 milesDenver, CO
104.3 FMKKFNSports10.8 milesLongmont, CO
104.7 FMKOMF-LP 3.3 milesDenver, CO
105.1 FMKXKLOldies15.7 milesDenver, CO
105.9 FMKALCModern AC14.4 milesDenver, CO
106.7 FMKBPIRock14.4 milesDenver, CO
107.1 FMKFCOCHR54.5 milesBennett, CO
107.5 FMKQKSRhythmic CHR