The Denver and Colorado Magazines that Locals Read

Plan Your Trip to the Mile High City With One of These Publications

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When you're first moving to or visiting a new city, one of the best resources for finding out what's happening in your new home or vacation destination is to browse through the local publications, which oftentimes feature stories about new businesses opening and special events that are coming to town.

Whether you have just moved to Denver, have lived in the Mile High City for years, or are just planning on visiting the city, check out one of the following magazines and local publications to keep up to date with all the latest trends and happenings in and around Denver.

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    303 covers the coveted Denver area code, as well as the less-fashionable newcomer of 720. The hip lifestyle magazine covers fashion and culture in Denver. The magazine has been around for 14 years. It does a good job keeping up with Denver's always-expanding restaurant scene. 

    With articles like "500+ Concerts to See in October" and complete sections of the online publication dedicated to "Food + Booze," "Neighborhoods," and "Music," you're sure to discover at least one or two things you want to do while on vacation in the city.

    Also, the magazine's parent company, 303 Mixed Media, orchestrates Denver Fashion Week.

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    5280 takes its title from Denver's elevation of 5280 feet, or exactly a mile high. The monthly magazine, with a 90,000 reach, covers Denver and beyond. The editorial calendar includes fall travel, summer adventure, winter getaways and 52 great weekend adventures.

    Explore the pages of 5280 and plan out your next vacation to the Denver area by marking off concerts, special events, and the latest and greatest foodie destinations you want to check out while you're in the Mile High City.

    Available at most newsstands and hotels in the city and with an extensive collection of online resources, 5280 Magazine is a one-stop shop for all there is to do in Denver—there's even a section called "Adventure" on the website!

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    A relative newcomer to the Denver publishing scene, Asian Avenue has covered Denver's Asian community since 2006. The magazine has 10,000 subscribers and features articles about culture, dining, and travel.

    If experiencing Asian culture is your goal for visiting Denver, you can browse the entire collection of Asian Avenue magazines on their website and find just what you're looking for in and around the Denver metropolitan area.

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    Colorado Homes & Lifestyles magazine, published nine times a year, features Colorado's best architecture and interior decorating, reaching about 32,000 subscribers each year.

    Although this magazine covers all of Colorado, they routinely feature Denver homes and architecture in their publication, and you can find an up-to-date listing of local Denver events on the Events section of their website year-round.

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    This monthly magazine covers businesses across the state of Colorado and has been published for more than 30 years with a circulation of over 18,000 people today.

    Although not great for discovering events, ColoradoBIZ lets readers know exactly what new and thriving businesses they shouldn't miss on their trip to Colorado. Denver businesses are often featured as more are added almost every month!

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    The Denver Business Journal keeps the pulse on the Denver economy, and oftentimes features some of the best new businesses Denver has to offer. This weekly journal delivers news to 72,000 business-savvy readers in the state and can be a great resource for the business-interested tourist.

    This is also a great resource if you plan to or are looking for a new apartment in Denver as it oftentimes prints stories about finding a new, affordable home in the city.

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    Out Front Colorado covers the state's LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender, and Queer) community, is published twice a month, has a circulation of 20,000, and features stories about upcoming and past LGBTQ events and happenings.

    With an online "EDirectory" of all things queer in Colorado, you're sure to find a destination in Denver worth checking out.

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    This luxury lifestyle magazine has a travel section dedicated to getaways throughout the state of Colorado, which is perfect if you're planning a two-in-one vacation where you'll be spending some time in Denver, but also want to head west to the mountains. You can also stay up-to-date with local events via the digital magazine, which includes an "Around Town" section that highlights festivals, deals and other upcoming events.