Delta's Fast In-Flight Wi-Fi Is Now Free for SkyMiles Members

The airline is trialing free-and-fast Wi-Fi for SkyMiles members on some flights

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If you're sick of paying for in-flight internet access—or worse, disconnecting completely while you fly the friendly skies—Delta's got you covered.

Following a successful trial run of free internet to its elite flyers, the Atlanta-based carrier is now offering its ultra-fast internet service to all SkyMiles members on select flights.

"We want Wi-Fi to be exactly the same for you at 35,000 feet up as it is on the ground for our customers," said Allison Ausband, Delta's chief customer experience officer, in a panel at the Skift Aviation Forum in Dallas. "It's complex to do, but we are actively testing it right now, and it's working."

The move comes years after Delta's CEO Ed Bastian pledged that the airline would eventually offer free Wi-Fi with speeds that rival what passengers are used to on the ground. It's gradually inched closer to that goal, retrofitting most of its Airbus A321, Boeing 737-900ER, and Boeing 757-200 aircraft with the latest satellite-based Viasat service, a vast improvement over the Gogo service previously offered (and still available on certain flights). On Viasat-equipped aircraft, internet is streaming-capable and costs just $5, regardless of flying time or distance. Previously, on Gogo-equipped planes, internet access for many longer-haul flights cost upwards of $40.

The new, free service is available to Delta SkyMiles members. To take advantage of the offer, customers should visit onboard and enter their SkyMiles number and password. If a flyer is not yet a SkyMiles member, they'll be able to sign up from the Wi-Fi landing page and connect to the internet. For passengers who don't wish to enroll, internet is still available to purchase.

As for when in-flight internet will be free and available to all, Delta's kept mum on that yet, but according to the Points Guy, an internal Delta memo that leaked over the summer promised free Wi-Fi "soon" on board domestic flights, with an international rollout coming by the end of 2024.

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