You Will Now Be Able to Get Free Wi-Fi on Most Delta Flights

SkyMiles members will get free Wi-Fi on almost every flight starting Feb. 1

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If you're sick of paying for in-flight internet access—or worse, disconnecting completely while you fly the friendly skies—Delta's got you covered.

Starting on Feb. 1, working in tandem with Viasat and T-Mobile, Delta will offer free Wi-Fi to SkyMiles members on its 540 Viasat-equipped jets, including the entire Airbus A321 fleet and a majority of the Boeing 737-900ER and Boeing 757-200 aircraft.

This news comes along with the announcement of Delta Sync, the company's new and more personalized entertainment experience. With Delta Sync, passengers will be treated to real-time flight notifications and personalized content recommendations, along with features including games created by the New York Times, travel guides from Atlas Obscura, and restaurant recommendations from Resy.

The move comes years after CEO Ed Bastian pledged that the airline would eventually offer free Wi-Fi with speeds that rival what passengers are used to on the ground. The company retrofitted most of its fleet in 2021 with the latest satellite-based Viasat services. Still, it wasn't until last November that the company finally opened up free Wi-Fi on a select few of its flights. (This followed a successful trial run of free internet to its elite flyers.)

"The future of travel is one where your digital and physical experiences come together in a seamless warm, and personal way, making those human travel connections even more meaningful," Bastian said in a statement.

Passengers who are not SkyMiles members can purchase Wi-Fi for $10 regardless of flight duration. Those interested in becoming a SkyMiles member can sign up free while in flight.

The company is preparing to have Wi-Fi available on more than 700 aircraft by the end of the year and on international and regional aircraft by the end of 2024.

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