Delta Filmed A "Queer Eye" Safety Video—Watch It Here

And find out why it will never actually make it onto a plane

Long gone are the days of boring aviation safety videos—now airlines are all about captivating passengers with A-list talent and silly narrations. The latest safety video to go viral is a charming collaboration between Delta and the cast of Netflix's "Queer Eye," which debuted on YouTube last week.

In true "Queer Eye" style, the video champions inclusivity and diversity: the Fab Five (hosts Bobby Berk, Karamo Brown, Tan France, Antoni Porowski, and Jonathan Van Ness) open the briefing with the following quote: "Equality means opening our minds and hearts to new ideas from different perspectives. And when we do, we begin to see all that connects us and understand that the world is much closer than it seems."

It goes on to feature many fan-favorite "Queer Eye" contestants, as well as a diverse group of Delta employees. Like the show itself, the video finds the balance between entertainment and some pretty serious stuff—in this case, of course, that's what to do in case of an emergency during your flight. In essence, it's the perfect safety video that's captivating enough for us to actually pay attention without rolling our eyes at an overwrought script.

Sadly, you'll never get to watch the safety video on a plane. Filmed before the pandemic, it doesn't include current health regulations, such as wearing masks. So, for now, Delta is showing its coronavirus-related safety video onboard.

The good news is you can still enjoy the unaired safety video online—and you can watch a special episode of "Queer Eye" starring one of Delta's own employees, which streamed exclusively on Delta's in-flight entertainment system during Pride Month but has just been released on YouTube.