Grab Your AirPods—Delta Is About to Roll out Bluetooth Headphone Capability

Leave those extra dongles at home

Bluetooth Airplane

Westend61 / Getty Images

Two-pronged audio jacks on airplanes have become an unwelcome annoyance for travelers who primarily use Bluetooth earbuds. Unless you've remembered to pack an extra dongle or non-wireless headphone set, you won't be able to enjoy one of the best parts of flying: catching up on movies on a seatback screen.

Now, Delta is testing out Bluetooth connectivity in first class on its new A321neo jets, meaning you can kick back and enjoy in-flight entertainment on the wireless earbuds you're most likely already using. The Atlanta-based carrier will become only the second U.S. airline to roll out Bluetooth capability after United debuted wireless connection to entertainment systems on their Max 8 jets last June.

Currently, only first-class passengers will be able to try out this new feature. Delta plans to evaluate results from this first trial to help decide on rolling out Bluetooth capability on a broader scale.

With the rise in popularity of wireless earbuds like Apple's AirPods, the roll-out will be happy news for tech-savvy flyers. Many travelers no longer carry wired headphones, and if you're not seated in first or business class, you may have to fork over a fee to request them. A cottage industry of accessories that connect AirPods to seatback screens, such as the AirFly, has been created out of this necessity.

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