Delhi Airport Transfer Options

How to get from Delhi Airport to your Hotel

Delhi taxi driver.
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Arriving at Delhi airport and wondering how to transfer from the airport to your hotel? There are a number of different ways, depending on your budget. Here are the options.

Prepaid Taxi

  • The most popular way to get to your hotel from Delhi airport is by taking a prepaid taxi, the operation of which is overseen by Delhi Traffic Police. When exiting the airport, taxi drivers must give their name, number, passenger's name, and destination to officials at the Delhi Traffic Police check-post.
  • You'll find pre-paid taxi counters in both the domestic and international arrival areas. After paying the fare at the counter, you'll be given two receipts (one green and one pink) with the number of the taxi on it. The green receipt is to be handed to the driver at the end of the trip. Make sure you hold onto the receipt until you safely reach your destination -- don't give it to the driver beforehand. The driver needs to have the receipt to get paid by the taxi office, and it can be a good negotiating tool to ensure that the driver does take you where you want to go. This is especially so if he starts trying one of the popular scams, such as not knowing his way to your destination or saying your hotel has closed down (which is highly likely!).
  • Rates are fixed by the government. Expect to pay 400-500 rupees to the city center, including Connaught Place and Paharganj. A night surcharge of 25% is applicable between 11 p.m. until 5 a.m.

    Metered Taxi

    • Private companies such as Meru Cabs, Mega Cabs and Easy Cab have counters at both the domestic and international terminals. The fare is charged at 69 rupees for the first 3 kilometers, then 23 rupees for every additional kilometer. There is also a 25% night surcharge. Expect to pay about 500 rupees to the city center. You can phone the other "radio taxi" services to pick you up as well.

      Private Transfers

      • Many hotels will pick you up from the airport. Expect to pay about 1,000-3,000 rupees for the service, depending on class of hotel. The cost will include airport parking charge, and entry fee to the arrivals area for the representative that's collecting you.
      • Alternatively, Viator offers private hotel transfers from Delhi airport that you can easily book online.



      • Delhi Transport Corporation operates a regular Airport Shuttle Bus service from Terminal 3 to central Delhi, including Connaught Place and the interstate bus terminals. Download timetable here. In addition, buses operated by EATS (Ex-Servicemen Air-link Transport Service) run from the airport to Connaught Place via New Delhi Railway Station 24 hours a day. The frequency is usually every 30 minutes during peak times and once an hour at other times. The cost is 50 rupees. Travel time is about 50 minutes.