Delaying the Real World Travel Grant for Twenty-somethings

Want travel? Need money?

Note: this grant no longer exists. 


Not planning an educational path leading to a cubicle? Want to travel the world in search of meaningful adventure? 21-29 years old and a US citizen?

Need $3500?

You have to check this out: the Delaying the Real World travel grant from Running Press, intended for twenty-somethings to finance adventurous travel akin to that chronicled in Running Press's Delaying the Real World book (compare prices and see the book).


The Deal

From Running Press: "The Delaying the Real World fellowship is designed to sponsor an adventurous project that is independent of academic and religious institutions." That means you don't have to be in school to apply for this grant.

You must be between 21-29 years old.

And Running Press says you must be willing to report back to the fellowship committee on your "fellowship escapades" and submit photos occasionally.


How to Apply

You need to "...propose in writing via email a gutsy and worthwhile adventure in the spirit of Delaying the Real World and the young adventurers who fill the book. There is no time length requirement on your adventure, though the fellowship committee will take into account how well your proposed idea maximizes the $3,500 grant. The winner must begin the fellowship within four (4) months of award date."


  • See the 2009 Travel Grant Application Winner: Benjamin Siegal
  • Get the Book: Delaying the Real World - A Twenty-Something's Guide to Seeking Adventure

The 2006 travel grant winner, Daniela Papi, bicycled around Southeast Asia, looking into and supporting educational projects; 2007's winner, Andrew Morgan, toured North and South America and Africa (also on two wheels!) and creating a video along the way that will "help students cultivate tolerance and respect for other cultures." What do you want to do?

Good luck!


"We must go beyond textbooks, go out into the bypaths and untrodden depths of the wilderness and travel and explore and tell the world the glories of our journey."


  • -- John Hope Franklin
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