Your Dekalb Farmers Market in Atlanta

This year-round farmers' market has quirky and fresh food items

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The world-famous Your Dekalb Farmers Market is hands down the best source in the Atlanta area for fresh and hard-to-find grocery items.

Open year-round every day except Thanksgiving and Christmas, Dekalb Farmers Market is Atlanta's go-to source for super fresh produce, fresh-made pasta, bread, meats, seafood and anything else you'll need for your kitchen. Don't be surprised if you run into chefs from Atlanta's top restaurants shopping the market to pick up their high-end ingredients.

The market is a sprawling facility with what seems like miles of fresh produce at bargain prices. Wind in and out of the dry goods aisles picking up interesting sauces and don't miss the spices section where you'll find huge tubs of every seasoning at rock bottom prices.

History of Your Dekalb Farmers Market

According to its website, Dekalb Farmers Market had humble beginnings, starting in 1977 as a small produce stand in Decatur. It grew in popularity and has become a top tourist attraction, drawing thousands of visitors annually. The market's founder Robert Blazer continues to oversee operations and enlists his family to help keep things running smoothly.

A frequent complaint of long-time patrons (and first-time visitors) was that the market is always crowded, and parking can be hard to come by. The company announced plans to expand its space in 2014.

Finding Fresh Meats and Fish at Your Dekalb Farmers Market

At the meat counters, you'll get the freshest cuts of all your favorites along with unique meats you may not be able to find elsewhere. The seafood selection is vast with several live tanks, so you know it's fresh.

There are also a variety of specialty counters where you can purchase flowers, baked goods, fresh coffee and more. The buffet and salad bar may seem like a strange find, but it is a great place to grab lunch and you can load up on a variety of dishes that use the quality market ingredients. The buffet is priced by the pound.

First-timers may find Your Dekalb Farmer's Market has a strange smell, which is likely due to the huge seafood section. It's also quite chilly inside, so if you're staying for lunch or plan to spend an extended time there, you may want to bring a jacket. Don't let these quirks discourage you; every home cook should make a trip (or a dozen!) to this market.

Beyond Food at Your Dekalb Farmers Market

In addition to good ingredients, good chefs swear by their favorite tools. To that end, Dekalb has a small collection of kitchen gadgets for sale, including French press coffee makers, coffee grinders and basic tools like spatulas and spoons. Several cookbooks, many with hard-to-find recipes are available as well. 

Your Dekalb Farmers Market also conducts tours of its facility by appointment.

Your Dekalb Farmers Market: Know Before You Go

  • Your Dekalb Farmer's Market is located on the outskirts of Decatur at 3000 E. Ponce De Leon Avenue.
  • The market doesn't accept credit cards, so bring cash, debit cards or checks. There is an ATM on-site.
  • There is a large recycling center in the parking lot where you can bring many things you can't recycle at home.
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