What Are the Lovely Malecónes of Mexico?

Campeche's Malecón
••• The malecón in Campeche. &copy Suzanne Barbezat

Malecón is a Spanish word that refers to a paved public walkway by a lake or ocean. A favorite pastime in many Mexican cities is walking along the malecón.

Several Mexican cities have lovely malecones that are perfect for strolling, people watching, and looking out at the ocean. Many malecones have public art, street performers, and vendors, so there is always something interesting to see and do.

The Most Outstanding Malecones in Mexico

Puerto Vallarta's malecon was revamped and renovated in 2011.

The Voladores de Papantla perform along here, and there are sculptures to see - art walks are offered weekly during high season. Take a virtual walk along Puerto Vallarta's Malecón.

The fortress city of Campeche has a long malecón with sculptures along it. A local favorite sculpture can be found here at the La Novia del Mar on Campeche's malecon.

Other cities with attractive malecones include Mazatlan, Acapulco, and La Paz.